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Q Team’s Takedown Of Cabal

In the following video, The Charlie Freak podcast conducts a comprehensive report on how the Q Team is systematically dismantling the corrupt and evil Cabal.

Freak says there is overwhelming proof from the summer of 2017 until today of the Cabal’s misdeeds and how the Alliance retaliated. “This is the proof to give you the strength to have the courage to trust in the plan for the next six months,” Freak says. “The truth will play itself out.”

He details the key players in the takedown and emphasizes that every single government on the planet has capitulated over to President Trump and the Q Team, in addition to the once uber-liberal CNN. Here’s his report, and please do your own research and use discernment when viewing the video. The presentation is courtesy of  the Inglorious Patriot’s Net4Truth channel.

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