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Weird Seeds Being Planted

Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

  • Story #1: Boris Johnson Set to Overhaul Britain’s Treason Laws
  • Story #2: Gold’s Record Price Is All About Currency Debasement
  • Story #3: Coin Shortage – COVID-19 Shutdowns Have Created Shortage of Coins. Here, also news of weird seeds being planted in the Cold War zeitgeist.

Two Minutes Hate

We’ve seen how American Liberals scream and screech over President Donald Trump. Now, watch as their British counterparts go boo for Boris Johnson. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Secret Underground Bunkers

The war being waged now is not against the coronavirus but against a powerful elite that wanted to detonate nuclear weapons to wipe out the population of the planet. Well, they did not want to wipe out everyone — just the vast majority of people living on the surface of the planet. What they wanted to preserve was a small, elite group that would dwell in some 275 underground cities spread across the United States. The largest of these cities can house 40,000 to 60,000 people.

Here, David Wilcock describes these cities, who runs them, the technology they command, and their heinous plot, foiled by President Donald Trump. Presumably there are many other underground cities beneath other nations around the world. Much remains to be discovered in the weeks and months ahead.

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It appears the prediction of 10 days of darkness pertained to the military seizing these underground sites. Pure evil is about to be exposed to the world, says the X22 Report. Why are the hospitals being prepped? Why do we need ventilators? Why are the Mercy and Comfort in the ports? Why has the censorship been removed from Google? How do you bring the country together: Children. More from Daniel Lee at dnajilon7.

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CirstenW offers news updates, including a fire in Ft. Myers, Fla., that destroys a few hundred vehicles, the canoe death of a member of the Kennedy clan and the reported illness of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Also, support is building for an arrest of Bill Gates, whose advocacy of vaccines is tied directly to his connections with the New World Order.

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Populism Rising In The West

The elections of Boris Johnson in Great Britain and Donald Trump in the United States shows the rising force of Populism in the Western world. But will these politicians succeed? Or will they let everything slip and cede ground to the dreaded Liberals? The Red Elephants explores what’s afoot.

Anomaly offers a simple, but profound screed called The Truth About Why it’s Happening! The bottom line: People in the United States and Great Britain have turned to the Conservatives because they are tired of being lied to, judged and mistreated by the Liberals.

Here’s a similar analysis from Great Britain. Paul Joseph Watson deciphers why the Liberals got trounced. Says Watson, “Insulting your voters doesn’t work. Imagine my shock!”

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