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Smart Prisons

Saudi Arabia is talking about building a new city called Neom  — stretching along the Red Sea east of Egypt for more than 100 miles, encompassing some 10,000 square miles. This is a new city for a new future, it’s claimed. More like a smart prison says Hugo Talks.

FBI Raid Not What You Think

X22 Reports says the real reason behind the FBI raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was to plant evidence.

Sourcing Miranda Devine of the Washington Post, the X22 Reports says the FBI raided the compound despite cooperation of Trump attorneys. X22 says the FBI knew where the records were, they knew from the National Archives what Trump had. Instead, they went ahead with the raid, warning attorneys to stay away and demanding that all security cameras be shut off. But cameras weren’t shut off, thwarting their sinister intentions.  More from the X22 Report, including the Deep State’s plan to shut down the midterm elections and provoke civil unrest among Trump supporters.

The Great Reset’s Prison City

Josh Sigurdson reports that Saudi Arabia is proposing a $500 billion, utopian super city, mirroring the scenario in the film Logan’s Run, where population and resources are controlled.

The project, called “The Line” and “Neom,” will stretch 100-miles-long and house 9 million people, but will be tied into the technocratic grid without escape. Sigurdson says the bad news is the project will be based on social and carbon credits, food rationing and, in the end, imprisonment. “You will own nothing and be happy,” Sigurdson says. “It’s the Great Reset’s wet dream!” Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Crooked Joe Biden Begs For Oil

Joe Biden’s foreign policy is to beg for oil from all the tyrants. This after the Biden administration took immediate steps to dismantle America’s independent oil production. Who exactly is the Biden administration working for? More from Rudy Guiliani’s Common Sense.

The Lost City Of Giants

Iram: The Lost City of Giants. Here’s a look at the Arabian desert and the land traversed by the great T.E. Lawrence, or Lawrence of Arabia, the British archaeologist and army officer.  More from the Universe Inside You.

Looking Glass At Mar-a-Lago

Alan Fountain joins NVTV and Nicholas Veniamin to discuss the White Hat Secret Society’s Prtocols of the Golden Dawn and the secret of President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club.

Fountain reveals that the Majestic Room at Mar-a-Lago is home to Plus Ultra, the advanced Looking Glass technology allowing Trump and the White Hats to look into the past and the future. Here’s the scintillating interview.

9/11 Evidence Points To Saudis

Wisconsin election fraud investigation to continue. 9/11 evidence released indicating Saudi assistance. Dominion blasted in new report and Biden situation gets worse. More from RedPill78.

Saudi Arabia Lampoons Biden

Watch as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris get skewered on Saudi TV. More from Dan Bongino.

Genocide By Our Government

governman explains to Jason why this is… necessary? More from FreedomToons.

U.S. Ally Realigns With Russia

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Craig Hemke of the popular website Among the topics discussed: Saudi Arabia signing a new military pact with Russia, amid the Biden chaos in Afghanistan.

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