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MK-Ultra Goes Mainstream

Many people are aware that during the Cold War, the CIA ordered the creation of a secret program intended to find ways of mind control: MK-Ultra. This info is circulating in the news again because Robert F. Kennedy Jr. exposed new evidence this week linking disappeared indigenous children to MK-Ultra experiments conducted by CIA-sponsored researchers.

So what does this mean, and could unethical experimentation still be going on today without people’s consent? In other strange news, is it possible that dinosaurs lived among humans? New evidence suggests shocking conclusions.

Speaking of surprising information, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg may face off in the most unexpected place that hasn’t seen action for nearly 1500 years: Rome’s ancient Colosseum. Meanwhile, in France, massive protests are happening, and a crackdown on social media updates has already begun. Join Ben Chasteen and guest host Simon Esler as they dive deeper into these topics on The Edge Of Wonder.

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