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He Admitted It

Globalist Henry Kissinger now admits that multiculturalism and mass migration have ruined many Western nations. Kissinger specifically addressed Germany, saying the nation had admitted far too many illegal aliens, placing  great burden upon all of Germany. Not only did these foreigners clash deeply with citizens, but they also drained the economic vitality of their new home and imposed great pressures to maintain civility and an open society.

We’re not big fans of Kissinger. We don’t like the company he keeps, nor the politics he pushes.

Still, he is now calling for greater caution when it comes to open borders, and that’s something we most endorse. Joe Biden’s moves to admit every Tom, Dick and Terrorist will not end well for America. Biden is an ignorant and greedy stooge, who should never have come near the White House. Here’s more from Paul Joseph Watson.

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