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Global Day Of Jihad

As Arab extremists around the world celebrated their “Global Day of Jihad,” Tim Pool joins Ann Coulter and Dinesh D’Souza to discuss the abject failure of Joe Biden’s administration to protect Americans from terrorism.

Biden has opened our borders to all manner of sleeper cells and terrorists from every neck of the woods. Are the Border Patrol agents monitoring these illegal aliens and sorting out the most wicked of the lot? Of course not!

How about the FBI, CIA or all the other Biden goons who are busy harassing Republicans while turning a blind eye toward actual terrorists?

Coulter and Dinesh focus on this glaring problem, but also get into the domestic encroachments of our Police State, and even touch upon such issues as AI warfare.

Hamas called for its supporters around the world to take part in a “day of rage” Friday. But while cities and companies ramped up security and France even banned pro-Palestinian protests, should we live in fear? As for Glenn Beck, he refuses to “buckle under these monsters.” It’s time to choose, he argues: What kind of people we will be? Will we stand for truth and return to sanity?

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