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They Caught Him Red-Handed

Joe Biden introduces his Build Back Better plan. He says it’s completely free, but will cost $3.5 trillion. And he can’t say what’s in the plan, either. You have to support it to find out. More from The United Spot.

81 Million Fans And Growing

Let’s hear from the man who invented the “Make America Great Again” slogan, while occupying the West Wing of the White House. Go Brandon! More from The United Spot.

Democrats Seal Their Fate

The Build Back Better bill passed the House of Representatives on Friday, but faces a major uphill battle in the Senate.

Host Jordan Sekulow and the Official ACLJ crew dissect the monstrosity that the Congressional Budget Office says will add $4-5 trillion to the national debt, sealing the Democrat Party’s fate. Here’s their discussion.

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