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Socialism Leads To Violence

Socialist violence has reared its ugly head again in Cuba. But some Americans find it odd to see Cubans protesting. After all, aren’t they thrilled with their excellent free health care and education?

Simply put, socialism always leads to violence. Check it out for yourselves. And the overriding issue here is the Cuban people, like all human beings, deserve liberty. Here’s more on the John Stossel channel.

Cuba Crisis Amplifies Media Bias

Famine is a natural consequence of communism, so it’s no surprise this is happening in Cuba. And as usual, the media takes a dishonest spin on the protests for freedom.

It’s amazing that there is a demonstration in a lockdown, communist country, such as Cuba. “How did they even organize?” asks Dennis Prager. But even scarier is how likely it now seems to that we will see similar protests for freedom in America. Here’s Prager’s “Fireside Chat” take on Cuba and other topics.

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