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Cocktails With Communists

Pick your analogy. The enemy is within?  The barbarians are inside the gate?  Or maybe another? Regardless, communism is here.  And it’s been here… and they’re a domestic enemy more formidable that any foreign enemy we’ve ever faced.

And we know why.  They’re more formidable because, for years we’ve been betrayed… by our government, our media and multiple global entities, both private and corporate.  Foreign interests control Washington DC.

Today we face a warfare like no other in history— a digital world war.  Propaganda has never been easier to disseminate and truth never easier to censor and control.  They’ve managed to brainwash millions of citizens.

And while many are claiming to be “woke”—- the vast majority of Americans are AWAKE.

And now we fight. More from Joe Dan Gorman.

Trump: ‘Something Important’

Former President Donald Trump says he’s up to “something important.” More promising news from the Black Conservative Patriot.

Digital warriors are activated! Leaders are stepping up! Parents are fighting back against delinquent school boards. Amazing warriors! Pray! More from And We Know.

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