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Why Is There Land?

If you smoothed out the Earth’s crust, the oceans contain enough water to cover the globe a couple of kilometers deep. So why is there land today? SciShow host Hank Green says that it’s possible that land didn’t always exist and, technically speaking, it doesn’t have to. Tune in as Green explains the science.

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Poop To The Rescue

When dealing with a pandemic, information is power. Take the coronavirus. Knowing where it is and how many people have been affected is vital to its containment and eventual eradication. We’ve mostly obtained pertinent data on COVID-19 with massive testing of people with symptoms and keeping track of the number of positives over time. Although effective, this method sometimes misses cases where a patient’s symptoms aren’t severe enough. Good news is, scientists believe they’ve stumbled upon a solution that wouldn’t require individual tests but could track the infection. The answer: good ol’ sewage, or poop. Scientists say poop isn’t just the remains of the food you ate, but includes waste your body wants to get rid of, such as dead white blood cells, microbes and, yes, viruses. Host Hank Green brings us the details in this edition of SciShow.

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Plasma Process Shows Promise

Thanks to a centuries-old technique, recovered COVID-19 patients may be in a position to help the rest of us with their blood plasma. We successfully used transfusions of blood serum containing antibodies to a given disease as a treatment since the late 19th century. And the same process should be a viable option today, because the plasma of patients who have recovered from COVID-19, or any viral illness, is chock-full of antibodies that recognize that virus. SciShow host Hank Green brings us more details on this promising option.

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Will COVID-19 Survive Summer?

Science says that pandemic viruses, such as COVID-19, don’t spread quite the same way as their established cousins, so the big question facing our crisis: Will the coronavirus be less severe in the summer months or will it intensify? It depends on several factors, including the pattern of humidity in different areas. Studies have consistently found that some viruses have an easier time surviving when the humidity is lower, which makes it easier to pass among people, but researchers don’t really understand why. SciShow’s Hank Green explores COVID-19’s future and the possibility of it becoming a seasonal malady.

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A Peek At Futuristic Medicine

Modern medicine is wonderful, but even in a world where open-heart surgery and brain-scanning headsets sound almost mundane, some medical advances do truly seem like science fiction. From robot-assisted microsurgery to reanimated organs, host Hank Green brings us five futuristic advancements that are actually around today in this edition of SciShow.

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COVID-19 Reinfections

Like a common cold or a cold sore, is it possible to get a reinfection of COVID-19? Or would we be able to build up long-term resistance to it? SciShow host Hank Green explores how immunity works, the probability of the coronavirus sidestepping it and why it’s too early for excessive worry.

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New Wave Of COVID Testing

The next wave of COVID tests take advantage of some really cool molecular biology. They can be run by hospitals and doctors on-site, and many turn around results in an hour or less. SciShow’s Hank Green explains the process.

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COVID-19 Or Just Allergies?

A lot of people with coughs or fevers might be stressing out these days because they are worried that they have COVID-19. But with cold and flu season still in full swing, and the spring allergy season starting up (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway), there are plenty of other things out there that could potentially explain these symptoms. SciShow host Hank Green takes a look at the symptons and what they mean.

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Why Planes Fly So High

We’ve all been flying high ever since the development of the jet engine in the mid-1950s. But why were jets designed to fly at those high altitudes in the first place? At the optimal cruising altitude of about 35,000 feet, there’s less air and that’s what engineers, passengers and airlines prefer. This means that airplanes don’t have to produce as much thrust to maintain the speed necessary to fly. Here’s more from host Hank Green and SciShow.

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The Future of Air Travel

It used to be that you could get on a Concorde jet or Soviet Tupolev Tu-144 and fly faster than the speed of sound. But both airliners were retired shortly after the turn of the century, leaving passengers without any supersonic travel. So what the does the future hold for supersonic flight? Engineers have gone back to the drawing board in an effort to improve air travel, but their main challenge is getting past Mach I, the speed of sound, and the sonic booms that follow. SciShow’s Hank Green gives us the details.

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