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Think George Washington

The [Deep State] is now starting a war on the unvaccinated. Their narrative is falling apart and the only thing left to do is use all available ammunition to push their agenda. The people know their playbook. It’s the same playbook they used in 2020. This push is failing and they know it.

Dan Scavino sends messages. The offensive begins in the New Year. It’s time¬† to take back the country. Think George Washington and John Durham. The people are ready. They have reached the precipices. Change is coming. Justice is coming. More from the X22 Report.


When You Can’t Trust Leaders

[Joe Biden’s] poll number continue to drop. The [Deep State] is doing everything they can to get the people to where they need them to be and that is vaccinated. The people are no longer believing these individuals. They know they have been lied to. The people see very clearly now and they know the difference between helping the people and pushing an agenda.

Trump says you have a choice to put something in your body. Soon, we will have full immunity. The [Deep State] narrative and plan has failed. Trump and the patriots are ready to mount a major offensive. More from the X22 Report.

First Arrest Will Verify Direction

The [Deep State] is preparing to fight back. They are now pushing the J6 fake investigation. Schiff changed the texts to fit the narrative.  Liz Cheney text reading was a flop. This will boomerang on them. The Durham investigation is moving forward. The path is set. The next phase will be arrests. This will verify the direction. The election fraud is being produced and the [Deep State] is now in the process of blocking all information. Trump and the patriots know the playbook. Countermeasures are in place. We have more than we know.More from the X22 Report.


Herd Immunity By April

With cases of COVID-19 down and vaccinations in full swing, many think we’ll reach herd immunity sometime in April. Stephen Green of the “Right Angle” triumvirate, says a recent article in the Wall Street Journal reports that COVID cases nationwide are down almost 70 percent in the last six weeks (ending two weeks ago) and cases have further declined since.

The article goes on to state that testing has only been able to capture between 10 to 25 percent of infections, depending on when one contracted the virus. Applying some time-weighted math to the 28 million confirmed coronavirus cases, points to 55 percent of Americans with natural immunity, though well short of the 85 percent needed for herd immunity. But hold on. As of two weeks ago, 15 percent of Americans have been vaccinated and that number is growing. And furthermore, former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb says 250 million vaccine doses will be delivered to Americans by the end of March, which should bring us to herd immunity. Bill Whittle and Scott Ott join Green for their analyses of the issue.

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Herd Immunity Near

The recovery rate for the COVID-19 pandemic is a surprising 44 percent and rising rapidly. And further studies reveal that herd immunity is right around the corner, suggesting we are building natural protections against the virus. Sadly, you’ll never hear any of this from the mainstream media, which continues to stoke fear and panic. Former Congressman Ron Paul and One America News Network’s Kristian Rouz bring us the details.

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COVID-19 Reinfections

Like a common cold or a cold sore, is it possible to get a reinfection of COVID-19? Or would we be able to build up long-term resistance to it? SciShow host Hank Green explores how immunity works, the probability of the coronavirus sidestepping it and why it’s too early for excessive worry.

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