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Irrefutable Evidence

Two renowned pathologists recently published irrefutable evidence that mRNA shots are killing at least 40 percent of recipients. They also concluded that the more vaxxed up a person is, the more likely they are to contract Covid-19.

Dr. Arne Burkhardt, a leading German pathologist, and Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, an expert in microbiology and infectious diseases, explained this is because the vaccines sway the body to produce more antibodies in the blood, not within the mucous membranes, which protect our respiratory tract. Here’s Infowars’ Greg Reese with more on the story.

It’s All A Fraud!

A government admitted that vaccines do not work! Ninety-five percent of patients in hospitals are fully vaccinated and the scientists are saying the vaccines wipe out our immune systems. It’s all a massive fraud!

The Red Cross put out a directive that said anyone who has received a Covid-19 vaccine cannot donate convalescent plasma to help other coronavirus patients in hospitals. That plasma is made up of antibodies from people who have recovered from the virus, but the vaccine wipes out the antibodies, making the plasma ineffective.

So why do we continue to vaccinate people? It’s all about money and control, according to Not Fake News. “The same interests that are making billions on the vaccines are making trillions more by making people sick. Not only that, they’re getting off on being dictators.” Here’s the rest of the report.

Choose Your Poison

While Americans continue to face harsh vaccination mandates, we find that members of Congress and their staffs will be conveniently exempted from the “poison.” And master manipulator Bill Gates has confessed he is against vaccinating his own family.

Why? For starters, the CDC is now warning the vaccinated are just as likely to spread the virus as the unvaccinated. Says Dr. David Bauer, of the Francis Frick Institute in London, “The key message from our finding is that recipients of the Pfizer vaccine –those who have had two doses–have about five- to six-percent lower neutralizing antibodies, which block the virus from getting into your cells in the first place.” He added that age and time expired since the vaccine are also major factors in affecting immunity. Here’s more on the report from RenaudBe.

Plasma Process Shows Promise

Thanks to a centuries-old technique, recovered COVID-19 patients may be in a position to help the rest of us with their blood plasma. We successfully used transfusions of blood serum containing antibodies to a given disease as a treatment since the late 19th century. And the same process should be a viable option today, because the plasma of patients who have recovered from COVID-19, or any viral illness, is chock-full of antibodies that recognize that virus. SciShow host Hank Green brings us more details on this promising option.

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