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Gates & The Goblin

Has the National Security Administration and possibly other intelligence agencies around the world, including the Germans’, been using encrypted wiring devices to monitor most communications sent, either by individuals, businesses or even rogue governments? Jamie Dlux explores that possibility here, looking into the devices sold by two Swiss firms — CryptoAG and Gretag AG. It’s possible this same kind of system has been implanted into our Microsoft computer machines. At least, the research done by North Carolina’s Andrew Fernandez suggests as much.

Who is the goblin? That’s another researcher, John Bell of Oxford University in Great Britain. Here, he lets the cat out of the bag, suggesting new vaccines being made with financial support from Bill Gates do greatly increase sterility among women. So the vaccines might work to ward off potential diseases, while also aiding Gates’ long-stated goals of depopulation.

We bring you a second Bill Gates video from Jamie Gates here called Make It Work. Gates drinks a bright, clear, clean glass of water…extracted from a waste management machine fed a steady stream of sludge and refuse, including human feces.

Poop To The Rescue

When dealing with a pandemic, information is power. Take the coronavirus. Knowing where it is and how many people have been affected is vital to its containment and eventual eradication. We’ve mostly obtained pertinent data on COVID-19 with massive testing of people with symptoms and keeping track of the number of positives over time. Although effective, this method sometimes misses cases where a patient’s symptoms aren’t severe enough. Good news is, scientists believe they’ve stumbled upon a solution that wouldn’t require individual tests but could track the infection. The answer: good ol’ sewage, or poop. Scientists say poop isn’t just the remains of the food you ate, but includes waste your body wants to get rid of, such as dead white blood cells, microbes and, yes, viruses. Host Hank Green brings us the details in this edition of SciShow.

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Mouth To Butt Contact Banned

What will the Democrats do now? Looks like New York City is being forced to ban mouth to butt contact as the coronavirus outbreak continues and ravages Liberal cesspools like NYC. Mouth to butt contact is usually called by the slang term: Rimming. Here, Vincent James of The Red Elephants offers an update. Our question: What will be next? Will the Democrats be forced to ban shitting on the streets in San Francisco? Will they actually have to clean up their dirty bunghole metropolitan hangouts?

Styxhexenhammer666 gives his daily coronavirus update. Worldwide, the number of cases has now surpassed 427,000, with 19,000 deaths. The three countries that have had the highest numbers of reported cases: China, 61,869; Italy, 69,176; and the United States, 51,818. Also with more than 10,000 cases: Germany, Iran, France and Spain.

If President Trump is for it, the media is against it, even if it might save American lives. Why are members of the media trying to discredit hydroxychloroquine? More from Tucker Carlson at Fox News.

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Videos are now emerging of idiots deliberately spreading the coronavirus. The videos show people sneezing or wiping spit on benches, inside elevators or on escalators. In other words, we have a derelict class that doesn’t care how many people die. This is a bunch, like Antifa, that needs to be identified and locked away. More from Vincent James with The Red Elephants.

The Wuhan Coronavirus originated in China and the communist Chinese government suppressed information.

Whose side is the American mainstream media on? More from PragerU.



Here’s The Straight Poop

Why, oh why, is poop so pervasive in pop culture nowadays? Truthstream Media tackles this dirty conundrum.

And speaking of straight poop, MSNBC is at it again. More from Mark Dice.


Nancy Pelosi’s Poop City

This video may shock you. What you are about to see are the nicer parts of the city of San Fran in Nancy Pelosi’s district. This is how bad things have gotten. More from [Slightly Offens*ve] on The Blaze TV.

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The San Francisco freakshow gets freakier. Antifa thugs attack a volunteer trash cleanup. More from Matt Christiansen.

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Nancy is weak, and getting weaker. What is her purpose now she has revealed herself to be a partisan troll? More from Akkad Daily.

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On the eve of what some foresaw as the downfall of President Trump, he emerges stronger than ever. If you thought Adam Schiff was the poster child for the unhinged in Congress, get a load of Ms. Lube Rack, Madame Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Here, Dr. Jerome Corsi evaluates her shameful display in the wake of President Trump’s historic SOTU performance. More from Jason Goodman.

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We close with Judge Jeanine Pirro, who calls Pelosi the queen of the shell game. Impeachment is a stain on Pelosi’s legacy and one she will never outlive. Her party will suffer the consequences in November. Maybe they will wake up, probably they won’t. Judge Jeanine speaks with Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

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YouTube’s Insane Kids Videos

Philip DeFranco delves into the insane kids’ videos showing up on YouTube — videos like ElsaGate, full of urine and poop-eating and all manner of bizarre and gross content. How are these videos left untouched by YouTube when it often demonetizes political content? Are the creators simply going for views, or do they have sinister aims? DeFranco wades into the controversy.

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The Poop Cycle

What happens after you flush it? H/T AsapScience

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