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Giants! Bones! Graveyards!

Hidden evidence of many giant races all over the world! Every state has a history of giant bones and artifacts! Where’s your giants?!? Graveyards everywhere! More from McAllister TV.

Hidden Truths To Change Future

Scientist and researcher, Charlie Ziese joins the program to discuss his research behind his book 76.345 – Exploring the Hidden Secrets of the Golden Ratio. He claims that advanced science and math, that was once widely known, has been buried. The information that has been lost, if rediscovered, would usher in a new age of free energy, improved human health and more.

Ziese is the chair of the Pyramid Science Foundation. You can learn more about him and his organization at More from Sarah Westall at her channel Business Game Changers.

Are They Hiding God From Us?

Dustin Nemos welcomes podcaster Mark Sargent to discuss the hidden history of man, why the Deep State is hiding God, the firmament and the seed war on humanity.

The discussion also centers on the Biblical Earth cosmology, or flat Earth, plus how NASA is nothing more than a bunch of bad actors, with many Biden-level gaffes. Here’s the discussion.

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