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Globalists Cornered, Not Beat

Dan Happel joins the program to discuss the state of the ongoing war against the globalist cabal. His research into the cabal and their globalist plans has spanned more than 3 decades. We discuss whether the cabal is really losing and what we must do to continue the fight.  More from Sarah Westall at Business Game Changers.

Nightmare In The Skies

Travis Lamance, CEO of Haven Aero, joins me to discuss the nightmares impacting the airlines and travelers. We discuss the latest problems plaguing the airline industry and the mounting problems passengers are continuing to face. What is going on with staff shortages, cancelled routes and software meltdowns.

We also discuss the investment, tax and business benefits that can be had when you purchase your own plane. Lastly, we discuss the real benefits to society when owners donate their planes for emergency medical or other charitable uses.

You can learn more about Travis and his airline at  Use code “Sarah” to receive free catering on your first chartered plane. More from Sarah Westall at Business Game Changers.

MK-Ultra: 4th Generation

MK-Ultra survivor Elisa E joins the program to discuss her personal experiences with MK-Ultra, deprogramming and spirituality. She shares with listeners her experiences within the program starting when she was just an infant.

Her new book, “Our Life Beyond MKUltra: Then and Now,” depicts the “programmed twilight zone” that survivors and professionals alike run into. You can get a copy of her book at

This is a two-part series. We will bring you both videos below. More from Sarah Westall at Business Game Changers.

WHO Meets In Secret Again

James Roguski rejoins the program to update us on the ongoing secret meetings of the World Health Organization. Once again, WHO is meeting in private to implement amendments to the world health treaty. We also discuss the more public meetings they had this week regarding the worldwide health treaty.

Why are the immediate amendment meetings in secret while the long-term world health treaty meetings are public? Obviously, there is something to hide. Rogulski shares what he knows and bring us up to date. More from Sarah Westall at Business Game Changers.

Vaccinated Blood: Is It Safe?

James Roguski returns to the program to discuss the serious issue surrounding the safety of vaccinated blood. Do we have safe blood in our blood banks for people who need it? Is it safe for them long term? Those questions are being asked around the world as the unvaccinated are realizing that the blood banks do not have the supply they would want for themselves or for their loved ones. More from Sarah Westall at Business Game Changers.

Business of Criminal Banking

Banking whistleblower, John Christmas, rejoins the program to discuss the vast network of criminal banks laundering money for all sorts of criminal activities. He discusses how the development banks business model is based on fraud and how they consistently pillage less developed countries under the guise of spreading democracy. The entire system needs to be exposed for what it is. More from Sarah Westall on Business Game Changers. This is a two-part series, and we present both videos here.

Tyranny Under Blackmail

Dr. Meri Crouley joins the program to discuss the dark underworld of human trafficking and blackmail in the halls of power in the United States and abroad. We discuss the fact that the media, the intelligence agencies, and the most powerful people in the world are supporting and backing the trade.

It’s an evil that must be eradicated for society to evolve out of tyranny and backwardness. Learn more about Dr. Meri Crouley’s new documentary and book at

This is a two-part series. We present both videos below. More from Sarah Westall on Business Game Changers.

Schumer, CIA: Election Riggers

New York Independent Senate candidate Diane Sare joins the program to discuss the games the Schumer campaign and the entire establishment are playing to rig the election in favor of Chuck Schumer.

It’s obvious the establishment is scared to include candidates who could challenge the corrupt cabal’s game. Sare also shares her positions on important topics that the establishment candidates simply will not discuss, but are critical for our country.

More from Sarah Westall on Business Game Changers.

Meanwhile, Schumer’s former national press secretary Andrew Koneschusky was recently caught red-handed in a sting operation conducted by a citizen-led group known as Predator DC, with Koneschusky having reportedly coordinated a meet-up with whom he believed to be an underage boy for the purposes of engaging in sexual activity.

A string of explicit text messages between Koneschusky and the decoy exposed some alarming exchanges where Koneschusky was asking the decoy to “shave” his rearend and to “not to eat a big meal before bottoming.” More from Red Voice Media.

Russia Winning, Media Lying

Scott Ritter, a former intelligence officer and expert on weapons of mass destruction, joins the program to give us a better understanding of what is really going on in Ukraine. Sadly, the western media is framing the war as if Russia is losing. This only prolongs negotiations and causes more death.

The question is: Why the desperation to keep the war going? Will Ukraine or its NATO allies resort to nuclear weapons to even out the war?

This is another must-listen-to-interview with information missing from the corporate, propaganda Western media. You can follow Scott Ritter on Telegram @ScottRitter. More from Sarah Westall on Business Game Changers.

Cabal’s Strategy: To Break You

Award-winning filmmaker, author and activist Kay Rubacek returns to the program to warn America what life will be like under the brutal tyranny the Cabal is implementing.

Her new book, No Where Left to Run: 10 Steps for Surviving Tyranny Today, will give you practical guidance on how to keep your resolve during this brutal battle raging over our collective spirit. We are in for a long fight and we must not give up. More from Sarah Westall on Business Game Changers.

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