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Military Hides Advanced Tech

Advanced Alien technology has been used by U.S. miltary black ops since World War 2! DUMBs and Milabs have been their laboratories, hidden from the public eye! Why? Because they are using humans as guinea pigs! The technology is being used against humanity…not to help., because humanity was sold out by fellow humans! More from McAllister TV.


Non-Humans Running Milabs?

Are non-humans running milabs? More clips from James Rink on Super Soldiers talk and other sources, documenting military bases, as previously reported, interacting with alien species. Secret underground DUMBS funded by “bankers” and “banking families!” Military programs designed to transport human cargo! Invisible spy tech! 20 years and back programs! A fight with a 9-foot Reptilian and more from McAllister TV.

Total Recall!

Anthony Zender! James Rink! Total Recall! Milab abductions! Cloned avatars! Black goo! CIA black goo neighborhoods! Black helicopters! TR35! Trump space alliance! New Space Force! More from McAllister TV.

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