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Preparing For WWIII

How are we doing to fight WWIII if we don’t fulfill our LGBTQ diversity quotas??? More from FreedomToons.

How Mind Control Works

Genderless subhuman slaves! Goat worshipping hybrids! It’s not entertainment…it’s the military industrial complex accessing your brain! Dissociative Identity Disorder and Multiple Personality Disorders! Super Soldier hybrid clones! Bluebird programming! Bluebird and Disney! Triggers in movies! They are getting ready to show themselves!


Antarctic Cloning Labs

What’s really in Antartica? Secret labs with human hybrids and clones floating in goo! Breakaway societies! Human experiments! Deep underground labs! Ancient pyramids! Adrenochrome in history! Super soldier factories! More from McAllister TV.


Non-Humans Running Milabs?

Are non-humans running milabs? More clips from James Rink on Super Soldiers talk and other sources, documenting military bases, as previously reported, interacting with alien species. Secret underground DUMBS funded by “bankers” and “banking families!” Military programs designed to transport human cargo! Invisible spy tech! 20 years and back programs! A fight with a 9-foot Reptilian and more from McAllister TV.

Ex-Agent Undergoes Hypnosis

Retired SEAL Team-6 Chief Petty Officer Michael Jaco has more than 35 years of extensive combat experience, including 11 years as a CIA security officer. Appearing for the first time on Cosmic Disclosure: Inside the Secret Space Program, Jaco uncovers his repressed memories through the help of hypnotherapist Barbara Lamb. These memories suggest he may have been involved with a secret space program, beginning with his training at an early age.

As he untangles this web of hidden memories through the regression, Gaia viewers are privy to the past experiences he was never fully conscious of. More from Emery Smith at Gaia.

In a similar vein, McAllister TV offers a video that relates how military personnel who went to work for “special programs” often ended up working with alien species, up to and including nine-foot-tall Reptilians. She chronicles many of these encounters between Super Soldiers and space creatures. The results, she says, are quite often “mind blowing!”

The Black Awakening

Russ Dizdar, an outspoken critic of Satanists and the Illuminati, has died. Dizdar was author of the book The Black Awakening: Rise Of the Satanic Super Soldier.

He lived in Akron, Ohio, and frequently spoke at churches and Christian functions. He also addressed Satanists, Satanic ritual abuse and Super Soldiers on numerous radio shows as well as The Hagmann Report. His family has not disclosed a cause of death, but sources close to him said he died from injuries he sustained in an automobile accident.

Here is a short — but chilling — talk he gave immediately before his death, talking about the coming Black Awakening and the chaos it will bring across the planet.


Hollywood Assassins Strike!

Michigan death matches! Tom Hanks…Kevin Spacey…Tom Cruise…Hollywood assassins! M552 and Q552 dive! Yuge DUMB under Jacksonville, Florida! Umbrella dive! Assets placed in clones and sent off planet! Bigger than you can imagine! Rothschild sperm gun! Nazi conquerors! Super Soldiers! More from McAllister TV.

Transhumanism! Jewel DNA!

QAnon: Future Proves Past! They are transhuman!  The Black Awakening! False flag sacrifices! Reptilian Jewel DNA! Shapeshifting Zuckerberg! Military complex! Secret space program! They eat children! More from McAllister TV.

There are giant corporations that sell humans as slaves! They monetize human DNA and create transhuman assets! Physically modified cyborgs! Reptilian shapeshifters in high places! Secret space program! They breed humans for food! More from McAllister TV.


Super Soldiers! Reptilians!

FAKE Biden continues to Lucy-and-Ethel his way through the FAKE Presidency! HERE are the facts showing that the MILITARY is in Control! REPTILIANS and Super-Soldier Secret-Space Program IS REAL! Energy Vampires! The ALLIANCE! We are watching the Trump SHADOW PRESIDENCY! More from McAllister TV with a guest appearance by Sarge from Icons.

China Building Super Soldiers

Tim Pool is joined by fellow YouTuber Luke Rudkowski (@WeAreChange ) to discuss China’s bizarre human gene-splicing attempts to develop a super-soldier.

Speaking of the Chinese, Tim Pool did a second report suggesting the Chinese have infiltrated the U.S. Democratic Party. A video shows a Chinese professor bragging that Joe Biden is compromised. Tucker Carlson initially broached the topic on Fox News. This comes as Axios reports on U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., and his ties with a Chinese spy named Christine Fang who worked for China’s Ministry of State Security.

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