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Lost City Of Dwaraka

Dwaraka is a coastal town in Jamnagar district of Gujarat, on the west coast of India. Traditionally, modern Dwaraka is identified with Dvaraka, mentioned in the Mahabharata as Krishna’s city. Dwaraka was a port, and some scholars have identified it with the island of Barka mentioned in the Periplus of Erythrean Sea.

Ancient Dwaraka sank in sea and hence is an important archaeological site. The first clear historical record of the lost city is dated 574 A.D. and occurs in the Palitana Plates of Samanta Simhaditya. This inscription refers to Dwaraka as the capital of the western coast of Saurashtra and still more important, states that Sri Krishna lived here. But what other mysteries lie within this ancient lost city? More from Zohar StarGate’s Ancient Discoveries.


Ghislaine In The Hot Zone

Why were Ghislaine Maxwell and her paramour, Jeffrey Epstein, so focused on the islands of the Caribbean? This is the Hot Zone, the region below Florida and Miami, extending toward the Bahamas and Cuba.

In days of olde, pirates trolled these salty waters. Nowadays, Ghislaine piloted submarines, bringing Jeffrey ‘s rich fat cat friends for wanton orgies at the resort Epstein owned in the U.S. Virgin Islands — Little St. James Island.

Were the submarines strictly for transport or was an underwater search also in progress to locate buried and forgotten cities with towering pillars, now fallen into the sea? Are there land masses lying on the bed of the Atlantic Ocean that are now rising and could once again resurface, reveling ancient splendors? How do Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Cayce and Paulina Zelitsky, as well as President John F. Kennedy, figure into these mysteries?

Strap in for turbulence as the Dark Journalist embarks on a journey the likes of which could rock even King Poseidon, sending him rolling beneath the waves!


Lost Cities Uncovered

From towns hidden under a hill to the possible site of the legendary Atlantis, Origins Explained examines eight mysterious lost cities that have recently been uncovered.

Among the archaeological gems is a small community in Antarctica, known as Little America. In October 1933, the first American post office in Antarctica was established at a base camp on the Ross Ice Shelf. Established in 1928 by U.S. naval officer Richard E. Byrd, the settlement even had its own newspaper.

But perhaps the most interesting site in this video is Akrotiri, located on the Greek island of Santorini. The port city was an important urban and trade center, boasted a sophisticated drainage system, elaborate architecture and even housed some of the world’s first indoor bathrooms. Because Akrotiri was so highly advanced, some scholars theorize it represents the lost city of Atlantis, mentioned in Plato’s writings. The city was eventually buried by the second-largest volcanic eruption in human history.

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