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Ghislaine In The Hot Zone

Why were Ghislaine Maxwell and her paramour, Jeffrey Epstein, so focused on the islands of the Caribbean? This is the Hot Zone, the region below Florida and Miami, extending toward the Bahamas and Cuba.

In days of olde, pirates trolled these salty waters. Nowadays, Ghislaine piloted submarines, bringing Jeffrey ‘s rich fat cat friends for wanton orgies at the resort Epstein owned in the U.S. Virgin Islands — Little St. James Island.

Were the submarines strictly for transport or was an underwater search also in progress to locate buried and forgotten cities with towering pillars, now fallen into the sea? Are there land masses lying on the bed of the Atlantic Ocean that are now rising and could once again resurface, reveling ancient splendors? How do Ernest Hemingway, Edgar Cayce and Paulina Zelitsky, as well as President John F. Kennedy, figure into these mysteries?

Strap in for turbulence as the Dark Journalist embarks on a journey the likes of which could rock even King Poseidon, sending him rolling beneath the waves!


Ghislaine’s Terramar Project

Mouthy Buddha takes a deep dive to explore the hidden realms of the Terramar Project, the global oceanic initiative that was the brainchild of Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s associate and procuress. Was Maxwell motivated by a passion for oceanic exploration and protection or was this project designed for more nefarious purposes? Perhaps the aim of the project was to control, own and dominate the oceans, perhaps to use these little-explored avenues to engage in exploiting and transporting children.

Here, Mouthy Buddha finds many of the Terramar Project connections quite disturbing. It’s linked to powerful individuals, foundations and charitable groups that have been shown to have a connection to child trafficking and abuse. Names that factor into this story include Richard Branson of Necker Island, Frank Giustra, the founder of Lionsgate Entertainment, and yes, James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong Pizza in Washington DC. There’s much to digest, so prepare to take your dive and venture off the deep end!

In a related story, Canadian fashion designer Peter Nygard has been arrested and charged with sex trafficking and racketeering. Nygard, once dubbed “The Polyester Phenom,” built a billion dollar industry selling blouses and slacks at Sears, Walmart and other stores. He threw wild and lavish parties, and owned a huge estate in the Bahamas. He appeared in a Winnipeg, Canada, court on Tuesday after being arrested on U.S. charges of sex trafficking and racketeering. Nygard has been the subject of a CBC News investigation into allegations of sexual assault. More from CBC News.

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Peter Nygard, Bill Gates

The Outlaw John McAfee

Computer guru-turned-fugitive John McAfee, now a ripe and still robust 74, appears on the Tin Foil Hat show with Sam Tripoli to discuss the coronavirus, his new bitcoin Ghost and his life on the run. Chased out of the Dominican Republic, he first fled to the Bahamas and then Cuba, but recently has settled in another undisclosed location.

The mortality risks of the coronavirus, he believes, have been greatly exaggerated. If there are great famines, dislocations or depressions that follow, they will be caused by the widespread lockdowns and quarantines, which have been gross and excessive.

He refuses to debate the merits of Bill Gates’ proposed vaccine, saying he only met Gates once and didn’t spend much time with him, finding him to be “the most boring man I’ve ever been with.”

Asked if there is a secret society that runs the world, McAfee says not in an ordinary sense. For instance, he says television, the movies and music clearly influence our beliefs as well as our sense of morality. But politically, even the United States, which remains the most powerful nation, is heavily divided and fragmented. The CIA is probably the single most powerful and largely covert agency, he says. Its agents are so hardcore that some cynically refer to presidents as “transients.”

McAfee is scornful of the mainstream media. “If you believe a single news story that comes out of the media conglomerate, there’s no hope for you,” he says.

He rates Thai women the most sexually adventurous anywhere in the world. “If you have to ask the question, you’ve not been there,” he asserts.

The interview begins around the 9:45 mark. Watch the opening if you want to meet Tripoli and his sidekicks, but they waste at least 3 or 4 minutes plugging a shaving razor. There’s chatter about their sexual trysts, but they’re really just hawking the razor.

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Spielberg Daughter Arrested

Director Steven Spielberg’s daughter Mikaela has been arrested in Nashville, Tenn.,  on charges relating to a case of domestic violence. The 23-year-old has been in the news lately after announcing her plans to appear in online porn videos. More from Jamie Dlux.

The FBI has not only raided the offices but also the home of Peter Nygard. The Canadian, who owns a women’s clothing line, has been charged recently with several cases of rape and sexual misconduct, sometimes involving minors.  The charge mostly stem from activities at Nygard’s resort home in the Bahamas. More from TestingtheNarrative.

Joe Rogan discusses the trial and conviction of Harvey Weinstein with Michael Yo, an actor and stand-up comedian.

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With Weinstein’s recent conviction, many Americans feel justice has been served, but why did it take so long to bring a serial predator to justice and why are whistleblowers like Phil Haney gunned down in the street while billionaire perverts like Epstein, Weinstein and Nygard able to operate with impunity for years? More from Jason Goodman with special guest Mike Moore, True Pundit founder and editor.

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Answer This Nygard Riddle

What do Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Peter Nygard and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles have in common?

Dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum-dum. Dum-dum-dum-dum, duh. Duh duh duh duh…

Time’s up.

If you answered that they have all been involved with sex crimes, you get a “C.”

If you answered that they all have been charged with sex crimes, sometimes involving pedophilia, you get a “B.”

An “A” is reserved for those of you who recognized and knew that all four of these individuals and/or entities have made use of the Sitrick and Company PR firm. What’s that? It’s a crisis management PR firm that Fortune Magazine once described as “the Winston Wolf of public relations.”

If you don’t remember Winston Wolf, here’s a refresher course — Winston Wolf (Harvey Keitel) in action, coaching John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson on how to quickly remove splattered brain parts from a vehicle parked in a garage in Pulp Fiction.

As a side note, Jeffrey Epstein stiffed Sitrick and Company. They had to sue him after he didn’t pay his $103,500 bill. Piker!

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We want to credit Jamie Dlux for inspiring the above video with his own piece Nygard the Bahamian. Dlux points out another interesting aside. Spell Nygard’s last name backwards and it becomes dragyn. That’s a term sometimes used to describe followers of Dracula, or blood-suckers!

Davey Crocko gives us a full review of Peter Nygard. He says the greatest problem: Many of the videos done on Nygard are being removed from the Internet. In other words, there’s a concerted effort to erase his history. But consequences are already following the FBI raid on his New York City offices in Times Square. Dillard ‘s has canceled handling his apparel line. Walmart is weighing the allegations.

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Silent War Countdown

The [Deep State]/Democrats are pushing the latest Coronavirus event. They are all in. Trump sent a message. The market went up. The game has just begun. Trump is now suing the New York Times. Libel laws will represent the end of the Mainstream Media. Q dropped more bread, and there seems to be a silent war countdown happening. We are now at [T -2] and counting. More from the X22 Report.

President Trump might have just sent a message to us through a Tweet and Eric Holder appears to have done the same. We hear several stories with a mix of good and bad news. St. Louis is a dumpster fire! Just like the DNC! Sean Hannity is defending Julian Assange. More from RedPill78.

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Just another Pedo Island! You’ve all pretty much heard of Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island in the US Virgin Islands. Now, we visit another privately owned Pedophile resort in the Bahamas where celebrities, professional athletes and, yes, even ministers indulged in sexual antics with underage girls. McAllister TV takes us to the New Providence Island estate of Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard. Also in this edition: Joe Biden is breaking down!

Was Meghan’s Dad A Spy?

Thomas Wayne Markle, the father of Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle, is usually identified as a lighting director, whose credits include General Hospital and Married…With Children. But could he have also been a spy?

That’s among the questions raised in this video of the DanjaZone, discussing how Thomas Markle also had been a Seabee welder and had a security clearance. He was known to have been taking photographs, using drones, in Russia as well as Turkey. DanjaZone gets into this material at the 8:12 mark.

Otherwise, this video discusses how Meghan has drawn Prince Harry away from his family and how Camila, the Duchess of Cornwall and wife of Charles, the Prince of Wales, is crying out for help with the wandering Prince Harry.

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Meanwhile, Prince Andrew might want to downplay his connection with Jeffrey Epstein, but even as early as 1984, Johnny Carson was making jokes about Andrew’s pedophile tastes. The upshot: The mass media has known about these pedophiles for decades, but chose not to overturn the apple cart by informing us about these fiends.

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Oprah Winfrey visits the Bahamas resort home of Peter Nygard, fashion mogul who now stands accused of raping or molesting 10 women, many of them 15 years of age or younger. Note the roster of guests who liked to party with Nygard: Sean Connery, Michael Jackson and George H.W. Bush.

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Bahamian Cove

Let’s drop into Peter Nygard’s “Pamper parties” in the Bahamas, where he raped under-age girls. Nygard is a Canadian fashion mogul. More from Jamie Dlux.

Country singer Daniel Lee Martin has died of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. The 54-year-old Martin, who is also co-host of the Sportsman’s Channel show Brotherhood Outdoors, was found dead in his Pasco County, Florida, home. He was due to stand trial on charges that included three counts of sexual exploitation on a minor, three counts of aggravated sexual battery, two counts of committing an aggravated sexual battery and one count of solicitation of a minor to commit rape of a child.

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Birds of a Feather:

Peter Nygard and Robert DeNiro






The Hurricane Dorian pounded the Bahamas, site of a couple of Chinese ports that it runs in conjunction with Denmark. Interesting coincidence, seeing as how President Donald Trump was just talking up the idea of partnering with Denmark, or buying Greenland outright from them.  In Pursuit of Truth delves into the Bahamas and some of the drug running and human trafficking going through these islands.

Dead Center Dorian! ThreeDaysThreeNights! Maersk! No coincidence! Pain! More from McAllisterTV.

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., is feeling the heat. Trump knew about the spying back in 2017. He knew the Deep State was up to something. Lindsey Graham wants the entire FISA process transparent so the people can see it all. Trump tweeted the people a message. Message received. Patriots are in control. More from the X22 Report.

Destroying the Illusion offers a new video that looks into Hurricane Dorian, the Hong Kong protests, Jeffrey Epstein, FISA, Mike Flynn, Big Tech, the Space Force and UFOs. Buckle up!

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