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Fake Pelosi Coverage Unravels

The fake news is already looking like idiots in their coverage of the Paul Pelosi attack. David DePape, the deranged individual who supposedly hit Pelosi with a hammer, is hardly a representative of the MAGA forces loyal to former President Donald Trump.

Instead, DePape lives in a hippie’s haven adorned with Black Lives Matter signs. He’s a former nudist and hangs out with pedophiles. Now, the fake news is having to wipe the egg off its face.

Here, we review the criminal charges drawn up by the FBI against DePape. We also hear from one of his neighbors, and he clearly leans to the left. More from Robert Gouveia, Esquire.

Paul Pelosi Assaulted By Nudist

Paul Pelosi assaulted by David Depape, nudist and Green Party member. Naturally, MAGA gets blamed.

But others have speculated that Pelosi was engaging in some kind of a romp that took a turn for the worst. Time should tell us more about this curious event. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Frisco Applies Clamp to Nudists

San Francisco’s proposed ban on public nudity has left the city divided between those favoring laissez-faire free expression and those tired of seeing a daily parade of shriveled schlongs and sagging boobs. By a 6-5 vote on Tuesday, the City’s Board of Supervisors approved the ban in most public places, including streets, sidewalks, public transit and parks. Exceptions would be permitted on occasion, say, during the annual gay pride march. While the measure is now closer to passage, it still is subject to a final vote, and must be signed off on by Mayor Edwin Lee, before it would take full effect next year.

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Betcha Bacon


In the 1970s, you could eat bacon right out of the box. Here’s a 1972 vintage commercial for Betcha Bacon, bacon strip chips featuring a young, red-haired Mason Reese as their pitchman. You might remember Reese because he also appeared in ads for Dunkin’ Donuts, Underwood Deviled Ham and other delicacies. The Betcha Bacon jingle:  “Betcha when you buy a box, you betcha wish you bought a batch.”

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And just to prove bacon is the universal language, Canadians love bacon.

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And so do British nudists!

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