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Mika’s MSNBC Meltdown

Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski went on a full-throttle, complete Trump Derangement Syndrome breakdown on MSNBC.  The Trump Derangement Syndrome is STRONG in this one. The Emperor is pleased. More from Ovation Eddie.

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The False Idolatry Of Dr. Fauci

The criticism circulating in Democrat circles and the mainstream media that President Trump and the White House are unfairly discrediting Dr. Anthony Fauci has intensified. Thing is, Dr. Fauci is not the end all be all. He is one of several experts on the White House COVID-19  pandemic task force and President Trump has the right to listen to other opinions.

Not so, says MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski and a host of colleagues from the media. First of all, says syndicated radio personality Mark Levin, Dr. Fauci is not the No. 1 planet expert on the subject. He adds that many respected experts in medicine from the top echelon of medical institutions and colleges across the country have questioned what Fauci is doing. Tune in as Levin analyzes the media gibberish and sets the record straight on The Blaze.

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Subversion From Within

Let’s take a look at Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor and a man who played a significant role in expanding US relations with China. It might seem like his story is ancient history, except so much of what he did continues to negatively impact us today. Also, he is the father of Mika Brzezinski, the co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe Show and a strident mouthpiece for the Democratic Party.  More from Jamie Dlux.

Meanwhile, federal prosecutors in the United States have issued a formal request to interview Prince Andrew as part of their investigation into dead financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey  Epstein. This has prompted an angry response from the royal’s legal team.

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Q Movement Under Siege

Why is retired US Army major general Paul E. Vallely trying to infiltrate the Q movement? Vallely has a checkered history. He co-wrote the book From Psyop to Mindwar: The Psychology of Victory with Michel Aquino, a Satanist and high-ranking member in the Temple of Set. Aquino, a former lieutenant colonel in the US Army, has been dogged by allegations of child abuse and trafficking. Aquino should be shunned by everyone in the Q movement, along with Vallely. Both former CIA officer Kevin Shipp and conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor have issued heads-up.

This comes as GOP investigators are expanding their probe into the Mueller team. More from McAllister TV.

Here’s a second video where McAllister TV takes a deeper dive into the deprivations of Michael Aquino and Paul Vallely, after tearing into Mika Brzezinski and Kathy Griffin. You have to wonder who in the US Army thought it was OK to have idiots like Aquino and Vallely calling the shots? Real trash!



Spies Like Us

In Pursuit of Truth outlines the mess we’re in — a mess that has to do with excessive and sometimes illegal spying upon Americans. We’re not only talking about everyday Americans, but House members and Senators, the President, the Department of Justice, major arms of the federal government. The CIA is behind a lot of it, and that agency’s over-reaching accelerated under former CIA Director John Brennan. He served as the “quarterback” of a quite dangerous game of Spy vs. Spy.

Why do you think so many former CIA officers ran for the US House the past couple of years? They’re still trying to cover up their dirty, criminal activities!

Here, IPOT gets into how the CIA and the outgoing Obama administration as a whole weaponized surveillance laws in a mad and quite targeted — and deranged — attempt to bottleneck and bring down President Donald Trump.Why couldn’t Trump straighten it out quickly?

Because we had a Democratic judiciary, by and large. They were dirty and allowed this subterfuge to go on for many years. You all should remember how Obama used the IRS to target his political enemies, like Tea Party groups. That’s exactly what happened later, but on a much grander and more insidious level. Only now have enough judges been replaced to give us a cleaner judiciary, one that can tackle the mess surrounding the CIA.

Finally, we are fighting back against the demonic [Deep State.]  Yes, they are killers, child traffickers, drug dealing perverts. But to restore our country, we need to rid the government of these swine. We cannot allow them to drag America down to their Satanic level. We must identify them, and one by one, strip them of power and resources. More from And We Know News.

Are you ready to see how the Federal Reserve was created? TRUreporting lifts the clouds and brings the Federal Reserve to light. Yes, it’s a banking scam, run by Globalists, who used debt to undermine our federal government more than a century ago. Three major opponents — John Jacob Astor, Isidor Straus and Benjamin Guggenheim — died on board the Titanic, suggesting the sinking of that ship was not only preordained, but orchestrated to further this hoax. President Donald Trump is moving to revise this mechanism, but reform will not come easily.

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Why do journalists try to tell us how to think? Why don’t they get back to the business of reporting the truth? Here, Lori Colley dives into the morass surrounding Mika Brzezinski, who is perturbed because President Donald Trump is pointing to the suspicious death of an intern, found in the offices of Brzezsinki’s husband and TV co-host on MSNBC — Joe Scarborough.

Also, the CIA comes under discussion here, as more details begin to emerge showcasing just how rotten and derelict that den of spies has become. Colley has an interesting theory: She doesn’t believe John Brennan was the “quarterback” of the CIA’s ugly machinations against the Trump administration. Instead, she fingers Robert Eatinger, who was the CIA’s deputy general counsel for operations from 2009 to 2014. Keep an eye out for more news on Eatinger.

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Mika Goes Full Karen

Mika Brzezinski just can’t help herself. She has entered into a full-Karen panic over President Donald Trump’s tweets. The moral here: if you live in a glass house, don’t go throwing stones. More from Meme the Left.

Mark Dice also discusses the total meltdown from the MSNBC host. His take: “Move to Communist China, you Commie!”

Clowns In America Are Back

Over the last 24 hours we have gotten several posts revealing the role the intelligence agencies, and specifically a central ABC, played a role in the S_p_y gate scandal. All signs indicate John Brennan, the former director of the CIA, served as the quarterback, orchestrating the lying, subterfuge and criminal activity against the administration of President Donald Trump. Clarity should begin now that John Ratcliffe has been confirmed by the US Senate to serve as director of national intelligence. Today, we dive deep into the info and determine exactly how it all began. More from RedPill78.

When the coronavirus hit the United States, Dr. Anthony Fauci said wearing a mask didn’t make a bit of difference. But then something changed. He began to wear a mask all the time around President Donald Trump. Was Fauci wrong in his original assertion? Or did he begin to wear a mask to make people feel more afraid? In Pursuit of Truth explores what’s going on with the head medical “expert.”

Also discussed here: The role connecting Hillary Clinton, former New York senator, with Robert Byrd, former West Virginia senator. Byrd admitted he made a mistake in the 1940s when he belonged to the KKK and served as an Exalted Cyclops, or leader of his local KKK chapter, otherwise known as a Klavern. What exactly is an Exalted Cyclops? How does it differ from a Grand Giant, a Grand Dragon or a Grand Wizard? Here, we learn a bit about the KKK and its leadership structure.

Also, how are the Democrats using Covid-19 to try to block discussion of the many acts of Democrat corruption and malfeasance, like FISAgate and Joe Biden and his son Hunter ripping off the Ukraine? Why doesn’t the mainstream media ever do its job and report these crimes? Face it, the Democrats are flaming crooks. They released hardened rapists and murderers from prison. They don’t care about America. They don’t give a rats’ ass about you. They are evil — through and through.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now doing everything and anything but at each turn the people are finding out that they have been lying. Treason runs deep with the [DS]. Ratcliffe was just confirmed as the next Director of National Intelligence. The [DS] are now blocked. They are exposed. There is no place to hide. The patriots are coming for them. More from the X22 Report.

Do we have ourselves a Pan-Dem-Ic or a widespread example of Dem-Pan-Ic? Why are the Democrats so intent on forcing us to stay at home indefinitely. Are they a bunch of Karens looking out for our health or are they looking out for their own hides? They are the ones who stand to gain if the economy is in a shambles, but then, of course, they are the ones blowing the economy wide open. And what about Mika Brzezinski? Why does she want Twitter to shut down President Donald Trump? Probably because he’s tweaking her polecat boyfriend! More from Lori Colley.

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Vladimir Putin has outlawed Bill Gates and the Microsoft Corporation from doing any business in Russia. We give the Russians credit. Microsoft ought to be kicked out of America as well, as long as they’re pushing cult baby killers like Marina Abramovic. Also, as more countries around the world have phenomenal success attacking the coronavirus with hydroxychloroquine, the question becomes: How long before our tainted and corrupt Centers for Disease Control and Prevention follows suit and allows HCQ usage here to fight coronavirus? How long will the CDC push death instead of life?

Also in this edition of TRUreporting, Apple plans a new update to support contact tracing. What’s wrong with our Big Tech companies? Why are they all so eager to enforce Chinese-style censorship and health practices. Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google — all of them need to be spanked and spanked hard over the months to come.

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Biden Tapes Trigger Probe

After famously denying knowledge of Spygate, then having her email declassified, Susan Rice has finally admitted that White House counsel directed her to write the famous CYA email. The leaked Biden Tapes may have already begun to produce blowback as Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, announces subpoenas in the Biden/Ukraine/Burisma mess. Also, Mika and Nancy sound off on POTUS. Stay tuned! More from RedPill78.

Remember the 1983 movie WarGames? Directed by John Badham, and starring Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy, this flashy thriller introduces us to the world of a super-inquisitive computer geek who becomes embroiled in a masterful game of chess with a central computer operated by the military.

In Pursuit of Truth brings up this old chestnut in discussing the game of chess now being played by President Donald Trump’s team against the bad eggs assembled under the old, corrupt King — Barack Obama.  Obama had an evil Queen — Hillary Clinton. And there were a raft of knights, bishops and rooks, among them Joe Biden, John Kerry, James Comey and John Brennan.

And, of course, all of these secondary pieces could field their own casts of pawns — field FBI agents, for instance, or rogue CIA spooks. Q asks how one should go about attacking this enemy?

“Do you attack the King at the beginning of the game?

“Do you attack and remove pawns first.

“Do you attack and remove bishops, rooks, knights next.”

IPOT suggests a few ROOKie moves.

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are struggling. More states are opening. Businesses are opening. The numbers are declining, People are learning about HCQ. Is this about the virus or something else? The declassification is being dripped out. More and more are brought into the mix showing they are corrupt. When do birds sing? The people must be shown. People need to see and understand. United not divided is the only way. More from the X22 Report.

Enemy [Deep State] ammo is being expended on the President and US fear! How about a nice game of chess? Objective [End]: Checkmate King! More from As the Democrats continue to push censorship and keeping our small businesses closed, the Q team and President Donald Trump keep mushing ahead. Remember, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon! And We Know News.

How do you set the stage for Husseingate? Everyone was disappointed when Attorney General William Barr said he hasn’t seen any evidence to date upon which we could prosecute former President Barack Obama or Vice President Joe Biden. As this was announced, the Ukraine leaked a phone conversation where Biden was discussing with the former Ukraine president how he needed to fire a prosecutor to qualify for a billion dollars in grant money. Sure sounds like bribery, fakery and corruption. But still, we have a ways to go to reach that point. More from JustInformed Talk.

Gaming the Midterm Elections

Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott game out the midterm elections, no matter which way it turns out. What does the world look like if there’s a big Republican win? How about a huge Democratic win?

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Scott Adams, the creator of the cartoon Dilbert, discusses his role in popularizing the #jobsnotmobs slogan that the Republicans have adopted as their rallying cry for the midterms. Here, Adams also proposes a solution to the latest Middle East crisis involving the Saudis. Finally, he predicts that Republicans will surprise the country by turning out in record numbers for the midterm election.

Mika Brzezinski, co-host of the MSNBC “Morning Joe” Show, is beside herself reporting what is becoming more apparent: Republicans will make gains in the U.S. Senate and quite possibly hold the U.S. House.

Here’s one of the more lively campaign ads. Running for the Congress from California, Republican Elizabeth Heng brandishes her opponent, incumbent Democrat Jim Costa, by depicting him walking down the street in red high heels and kissing up to Nancy Pelosi. #CostaLaVista, baby!

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