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The 9th Circle Satanic Cult

TruReporting host Thomas welcomes McCallister TV’s Linda Paris to discuss the headlines behind the scenes, including the truth about¬†The 9th Circle Satanic cult.

The cult, whose title was taken from Dante’s Inferno and the nine circles of hell, has attracted a myriad of powerful and influential bloodlines for centuries, including contemporary members such as Pope Francis, the Queen of England, Prince Philip and former British TV and radio personality Jimmy Saville, among others

In the following video, Thomas and Paris red-pill viewers on the cult’s alleged child sacrifices and blood rituals. Here are the details.


Angel Of Death Seizes DMX

Jordan Sather laments the death of the rapper DMX, who was pronounced dead Friday after being rushed to a hospital in White Plains, New York, in critical condition. He had suffered a heart attack at his home, quite possibly a consequence of drug use. In this edition of Accordin’ To Jordan, Sather also touches upon the death of Prince Philip, an attack on a patriotic event by the mainstream media, the vaccine fight and incoming UFOs.


Queens For The Day

Was Ghislaine Maxwell secretly operating one of the most secretive REDDIT accounts of all time? But the bigger question: Why did she and Kevin Spacey sit in the thrones of Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip? More from Jamie Dlux.

Prince Andrew has nowhere to hide! Ghislaine Maxwell has the tapes!  In this video, we give you the latest and most important updates in the child trafficking ring case, including whether Ghislaine Maxwell might have tapes of Prince Andrew. More from We Are Change.

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