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Adrenochrome, Ancient Sacrifice

An in-depth analysis of cultures and religions throughout time that have sacrificed humans, performed blood rituals, and consumed adrenalized blood. This is part one, focusing on ancient cultures including Carthage, Phoenicia, Greece and Rome. We will bring you part two upon its completion. Mith Chronicler, who created the video, says this one took a full two weeks to make, so it might be a while before we see the followup.

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We are at a critical juncture in our reality. Dark to Light. The Light has won, so the Dark are scrambling. In order to create chaos, fear, and confusion, they invert the reality. They invert what is true, and they corrupt and deceive. Use your innermost discernment, and if you have no capability to discern, then this video and my channel is not for you. More from J.C. Kay,

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Vampires Are Real

LogosMedia — Caleb Thomas and Jan Irvin — discuss the untold history of vampirism, adrenochrome, human and animal sacrifice and blood rituals.  This is a two-part video, each part lasting nearly two hours, but we present it in its entirety, because so much of the discussion touches upon issues that are current and that we have been covering in great depth. Also, we begin with Part 2 — delving into adrenochrome and cannibalism — and then follow with Part 1, which is more historical. Our reason for that: The historic background is important, but much more important, are the real-life cannibalism occurring now, resulting in lost children worldwide.

Blood Sacrifice in Indonesia

Sumba is an island the size of Jamaica in the Indonesian archipelago that has been cut off from the rest of the world for so long that its ancient animistic traditions survive to this day. It is the setting for ritual battles called Pasola that take place every year in February and March. The Pasola is a fight between rival clans who hurl spears at each other on horseback to “fertilize” the soil with spilled human blood. VICE reports.

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