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Savin: GOP-Globalist Collusion

In the question-and-answer session following the release of 2000 Mules, the movie, in Las Vegas, Dinesh D’Souza asserted that the massive election fraud in the 2020 Presidential election was the result of Republicans being asleep at the wheel.

Appearing on the Tom Numbers podcast, Juan O. Savin says it’s probably the only thing D’Souza said that he strongly disagrees with. “What we’ve learned is that the Republican Party wasn’t asleep. The Republican Party, in kind of a generic sense, is a captured operation colluding with the globalists, the seditionists all over the world.” He explains further, plus touches on “London Bridges Falling Down,” which is the code phrase for the Queen has passed, and brings more intel updates.

The Prince And Devil’s Left Hand

Sky News-Australia updates the tawdry details of Prince Andrew’s association in the Jeffrey Epstein sex-trafficking fiasco, including reaction from the Royal Family, the travails of Virginia Roberts-Giuffre and more of Ghislaine Maxwell’s secrets, such as her alleged unrestricted access to Buckingham Palace.

The video, courtesy of Arcane Pathways, also features a historical perspective of the Epstein-Maxwell drama and Giuffre’s determination to hold the accused accountable.

Body Doubles In Politics

There are rampant rumors circulating that the political figures you watch on TV, behind the mainstream media, aren’t who they say they are. Popular speculation is these people are wearing masks, or maybe just body doubles..

Riss Flex says it’s common knowledge that many world leaders are surrounded by body doubles. Take Kim Jong-un, who is reported to have as many as three. Past leaders who used body doubles, included Joseph Stalin, Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler, to name a few. Queen Elizabeth is famous for having a double, as are many high-ranking American officials. Here’s Flex with her report, which includes photos of Kim Jong-un giving instructions to his body doubles before a missile test.

The Tide Is Turning

Scott McKay welcomes fellow bloggers Ann Vandersteel and Mike Jaco to discuss the Great Awakening and how the public is becoming more cognizant of what’s really going on in our country.

The conservative trio give their take on looming current events that will go down in history as things never witnessed until now, such as unwinnable elections, political seats being turned over and the accelerating police state. What else is down the road? McKay, Vandersteel and Jaco fill us in on the details.

Queens For The Day

Was Ghislaine Maxwell secretly operating one of the most secretive REDDIT accounts of all time? But the bigger question: Why did she and Kevin Spacey sit in the thrones of Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip? More from Jamie Dlux.

Prince Andrew has nowhere to hide! Ghislaine Maxwell has the tapes!  In this video, we give you the latest and most important updates in the child trafficking ring case, including whether Ghislaine Maxwell might have tapes of Prince Andrew. More from We Are Change.

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The Queen’s Magician

Born in 1527, John Dee was an English alchemist, astrologer, philosopher, and exceptional mathematician who entered Cambridge University when he was just fifteen years old. Dee eventually became astrologer to queen Mary Tudor, and an advisor to Queen Elizabeth. Dee also recommended that England adopt the Gregorian calendar, but at that time the Anglican church refused.…

Mysticism is the practice of religious ecstasies, together with whatever ideologies, ethics, rites, myths, legends, and magic may be related to them. Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and angelic beings, nature spirits, non-physical entities.

Enochian magic is a system of ceremonial magic based on the evocation and commanding of various spirits. It is based on the 16th-century writings of John Dee and Edward Kelley, who claimed that their information, including the revealed Enochian language, was delivered to them directly by various angels.  More from Robert Sepehr.

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Try Harder!

In Pursuit of Truth reviews the latest news involving or relating to Q-Anon, including 13 new indictments against R. Kelly and the resignation of Labor Secretary Alex Acosta. Also, we learn that Jeffrey Epstein kept an “insurance policy,” videos in a large safe, presumably showing rich and famous individuals involved in illegal activities on his island.  This safe was not at his Manhattan mansion but on the island. Will the contents be revealed?

SerialBrain2 offers a two-part series that explores how President Donald Trump vanquished the chemtrails, and the dominance of Queen Elizabeth 1, to Make America Great Again. This series uses gematria, the particulars of Trump’s recent Twitter posts and older symbols including the eye of Ra, the serpent and the rainbow to capture the metaphysical battle now occurring to re-establish a free and proud United States.


Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico property will be part of the investigation. There are rumors that an individual will be stepping forward, could this be [Rachel Chandler]. Watch the news, the news unlocks. There are mysterious boxes in each of his rooms. Flynn’s case mimics, Trump Tower, CP and GP etc. New York City had a blackout, and it seems there might be a message associated with it. Q drops more bread. This shows Jeffrey Epstein’s island. Someone used a drone to fly over it. More from the X22 Report.

From his 2008 conviction, to the sweetheart deal which may have ended a political career. From the underage girls who serviced him, to the madam who procured them. From a proposed deal to reveal names of those who enjoyed his harem, to the possible takedown of some big VIPs. This is Jeffrey Epstein’s story which proves Pizzagate is real. David Zublick unseals the truth in this special report!

A Flood Of Resignations

Here, McAllister TV riffs on the many recent resignations and follows some of these tales down the rabbit hole, including a look at chef Anthony Bourdain!

Trump says healthcare will not happen until 2020. The new deal is going to be amazing. The [Deep State] is panicking. They are so afraid that they are now attending group therapy. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan want access to Michael Cohen’s transcripts. Nellie Ohr lied about her ham radio to Congress. D’s introduce a bill to allow illegals to work in government. Maduro allows RC aid into the country. The Chinese woman that was apprehended in Mar-a-Lago might be an employee of a social media giant. More from the X22 Report.

In Pursuit of Truth delivers his first new video of the week after a few days of silence by Q. Here, Sir Patrick Mack gets into a mainland Chinese woman, arrested at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, carrying four cellphones, a laptop computer, an external hard drive and a thumb drive containing computer malware. You have to wonder: Was she trying to get near President Donald Trump or just to bug his resort?

RedPill78 has Trump wishing Creepy Uncle Joe the best of luck. The bigger news: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and her campaign chairman are being targeted with FEC campaign financing violations.  Also, Congress is fishing around for six years of President Donald Trump’s federal tax reserves and he says he likely will not provide them.

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Joe Biden is in the news, and it’s just not about being creepy, connections are being made to Ukraine and China. News Unlocks. The [DS] is still trying to use the Mueller report as a weapon. The propaganda will not work this time.Venezuela is receiving aid from Russia and China. The [DS] and neocons were baited into pushing regime change in Venezuela, they are exposed. America is no longer for sale. Those days are over. Change is in the air. More from the X22 Report.

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Destroying the Illusion says 6,026 sealed indictments were added in the month of March, bringing the nationwide total to 88,350. These indictments began to be tabulated in October of 2017, so we have seen a monthly average of 5,521 every since. When will they begin to be served? DTI’s Jordan Sather doesn’t offer a specific date, but surmises it could be “shortly.” In other words, the long wait might be ending soon. Also in this edition, Sather tackles NXIVM, Alex Jones, Joe Biden, and a MAGA hat attacker.

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We close with McAllister TV discussing mega memes, the Lizard Queen, the dirty Pope and Satanic Hollywood.

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