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No One Said It Would Be Easy

Let’s take another step back and look at the tactics of the criminal Deep State and how it relates to the plans they’re trying to implement, but will ultimately fail at. Topics covered in this video include Jeffrey Epstein, corruption, and the Joe Biden-Hunter Biden crime family. More from RedPill78.

The [Deep State] is now losing the narrative on the economy, border, virus and the elections. The patriots continue to push more and more at the [Deep State] and as the [Deep State] tries to spin it all, they are losing the narrative. Plus,  each faction wants to push their agenda and the narratives are crossing each other and now people are asking questions. Rand Paul is now going after Fauci. Why did Trump let Fauci handle it all?  Trump set him up. The next phase is coming and it will bring justice. The [Deep State] will try to retaliate but it will fail. They don’t control the flow of information. More from the X22 Report.

Time To Drop Our Payload

Dan Radiostyle gets right to the point and proclaims that the Deep State didn’t see us coming. “They thought they could control us, they thought they could control the narrative,” he says. “We came in like a stealth bomber and we’re dropping our payload and it’s happening right now.”

The Deep State’s greatest fear, as we all know, are the patriots standing together. Too many of us woke up and it was time to get involved. Where we go one, we go all. Here’s more with Radiostyle on the Great Awakening, among other topics.

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