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Manafort Indictment

Federal investigator Robert Mueller on Monday returned a multiple-point indictment against Paul Manafort. Manafort briefly ran President Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign, but the indictment stemmed from Manafort’s earlier business dealings with Russia and the Ukraine and various business interests from those nations. Dick Morris says the indictment represents a desperate attempt on Mueller’s part to remain relevant.

Styxhexenhammer666 weighs in, gloating that he correctly predicted an indictment against Manafort with evidence mounting against Tony and John Podesta, the latter of whom ran Hillary Clinton’s Democratic campaign for President. Styx says the indictment suggests Mueller couldn’t find anything of substance to use against the President, so Trump most likely will not be facing charges in this probe.

InfoWars Alex Jones discusses the indictment with former Trump protege and campaign aide Roger Stone. In the same interview, Stone talks about Twitter’s decision to ban him after he got into a public spat with some of the Liberal media twats.

Finally, Bernie Sanders supporter H.A. Goodman says the indictment of Manafort shows just how little, if any, evidence the Mueller group has found suggesting any connection between Trump and Russia. The ties between the Clintons and Russia are much more pervasive, and damning, especially for Mueller, who still needs to explain his role in the Uranium One scandal.

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