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The Takedown of Alex Jones

The Truth Factory, one of our absolute favorite YouTubers, tackles the takedown of Alex Jones and discusses why it is a big issue. Yes, we are on a slippery slope downward now, and we can expect more attempts at censorship by the failing Left. They do not have the hearts of the public, so now they want to put us all in a box and deny us the right to speak.

Here, Black Pigeon Speaks discusses the censorship by the big social media platforms. Amazing they would attempt something so blatantly political, considering all of them have received millions of taxpayers dollars in support, so they really have no business whatsoever pushing any political viewpoints and particularly these far left-leaning positions. So prepare yourself for the Ballad of InfoWars and Gay Frogs Censorship.

Banned! Not just shadow-banned (like we are): outright censored, removed, shut down. Bill Whittle, Steve Green and Scott Ott each have serious issues with Alex Jones, but this is book-burning, plain and simple.

Finally, Diamond and Silk react to the Alex Jones ban. Diamond and Silk appear here on the Larry O’Connor Show. They know what they are talking about — having already butted heads with the idiots running these Silicon Valley freak tech companies.


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