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More Lies from CNN

Want the truth about the Covington Catholic story? As usual, CNN is pushing another false story. How many times will these lazy-ass Leftists pull the same stunt? Vincent James of The Red Elephants shows how they have fudged the facts and outright lied to advance their Leftist agenda.

Meanwhile, Styxhexenhammer666 did a video defending the Covington Catholic High School students. YouTube struck down the video. That’s because YouTube doesn’t stand for free speech or the truth, but is just a Leftist organization that supports chronic Leftists like Nathan Phillips.

The lying Mr. Phillips has played this same sorry routine over and over again — so many times that it’s apparent he’s a deliberate phony, a jackass and a shrill. Says Styx about getting banned: “Apparently defending high schoolers against defamation is now hate speech.”

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