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FISA Brings Down the House

Now that the Deep State is in a deep panic, what can we expect next? How about FISA bringing down the corrupt Democrats in the House. Yes the Rats are starting to run. More from McAllisterTV.

The Mueller report is coming this week and the [Deep State] will try to keep the news clogged with other stories. We can expect to see more events either this week or the week the Declass comes out. Trump has boxed in the [DS] in regard to immigration. The Secret Service is looking into the tweet that the Good Fight put out. Notre Dame is on fire and it is a terrible, terrible thing. More from the X22 Report.

Lions Republic Entertainment says now that the New World Order has demolished the Notre Dame Cathedral, look for these Globalists to lash out at the Vatican next. This is the perfect time for them to strike, seeing as how the Pope is an anti-Pope, a fraud and a protector of pedophiles.

In Pursuit of Truth offers his condolences to patriots in France following the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral. Officials are ruling out arson, for now. But it is possibly connected to a renovation project that was under way on the grounds.

Paris is burning and so is Jerusalem. Coincidence? RedPill 78 gets into this key question.



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