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Exposing Crime Of The Century

The [Deep State] is now panicking. They are trying to get control of the narrative, but it is falling apart. They are trying to make those they can control wear a mask again, pushing fear and the ability to mask those who are pushing riots posing as Trump supporters. Trump Arizona rally was huge. Trump knows they stole the election. He told the audience that the crime of the century is being exposed and that he won the election 6 months ago. If the courts do not act, the military will be the only way forward. More from the X22 Report.

Trump Fires Truth Missiles

Full speed ahead! Former President Donald Trump speaks in Phoenix, Ariz., and fires a volley of truth missiles. So much exposed in just a few hours. Also, worldwide protests against the lockdowns! People everywhere are fed up with the Deep State lies and manipulations. Pray! More from And We Know.

Bix Weir & Chris Marcus join the SGTReport to discuss upside down world and our moral obligation to resist tyranny and the devil’s schemes.

McAllister TV and Dilara Esengil continue their weekend discussion Into The Unknown. How dumb can Libtard parents be? Need proof? See how many of them take their children to disgusting Dragtime story events at local libraries. Also in this video: More shape-shifting freakazoids! Do some of them have snouts? Also, Tom Cruise, the Nubby Man!

Deep State’s Insurrection Act

In the first part of the video I give an overall view of the situation (not exactly cheery). Then I talk about Nancy Pelosi going nuts trying to get rid of Trump even though there’s only 9 days left in his administration (or so we think.) Then I use clips to show the difference between the Corporate Media’s propaganda and the reality of what happened on January 6th at the Trump rally in DC. I then go over the fallout – deplatformings and witch hunts all over the place, including the swift un-personing the President of the United States! Finally I look at a Q post that has some similarities to what we are currently living through. More from Amazing Polly.

The insurrection lie and corporate grifting. Face it, McDonald’s has killed more people than most  extremist movements. A BitChute exclusive from Styxhexenhammer666.

General Tom McInerny rejoins Sarah Westall to discuss the Insurrection Act and President Trump’s oath of office to protect the country. We discuss the incredible danger the country is facing and that the President must act immediately. You can see more of General Tom McInerny at

Woke Teen Rats Out Family

An 18-year-old woman named Helena Duke CANCELS her mom, aunt and uncle exposing their identities on social media after they appeared in a viral video at a Trump rally in Washington DC. A terrible example of woke millennials and zoomers going full 1984 on their own parents. BuzzFeed pushed the story in yet another example of Cancel Culture. More from Mr. Obvious.

What Happened On Jan. 6

In his latest Common Sense video, Rudy Giuliani paints a far different portrait of President Donald Trump’s Jan. 6 rally in Washington DC than what we are getting from the leftist media. This media is no longer trustworthy, as they are so closely aligned with the Democratic Party and leftist politicians that these television and newspaper outlets spread fake news as easily as some of us spread mayonnaise on our baloney sandwiches.

Giuliani says the crowd that occupied the U.S. Capitol building after the conclusion of President’s Trump address was a much different crowd than was seen at the rally. This splinter group brandished ropes, hammers, bats, glass-breaking equipment and all of the other riot gear the Capitol crew was carrying. No one packing this kind of gear was seen at the rally. That’s because this splinter group was led by rioters who were not part of the rally and had planned out their action long before the rally was even announced.

Giuliani promises to tell us much more about this group a few days from now. In the meantime, watch and listen to get a true sense of the actual news — not the phony monkey business spread by the leftist press! If we lied as often as those bozos, and we got paid a penny for every lie, we likely could buy a full year’s supply of Animal Crackers!

There was a furry of overheated activity all around the Interwebs on Saturday. Apple and Google, bless their pointed heads, are exerting raw power to try to shut down Parler, one of the primary places where conservatives and Christians go to communicate with each other. Former CIA Director John Brennan and U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are among the Leftist stalwarts talking about rounding up Trump supporters and marching them off to some gulag. Brennan always was a brutal Fascist, and Ocasio-Cortez remains what she’s always been — a Socialist with stupid Stalinist tendencies.

On the flip side, apparently some patriots have been tossing around Internet images of Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden engaged in child porn. We are not going to run those images here–we don’t carry child porn, even when it’s an idiot like Hunter Biden who is taking part and implicated. But like The Salty Cracker, we not going to show the images, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about these creeps. It’s still a free country, with an actual Bill of Rights, and a long-cherished Constitution — at least for 10 more days!



How The Vatican Scam Worked

Even before Christmas, the United States became aware that the Vatican had been behind election skullduggery across the United States. But there were key pieces of the puzzle that remained unknown.

That is why the Georgia run-off elections were allowed to happen as planned — even when officials knew in advance these elections were likely to be rigged. The runoff gave the U.S. authorities once last opportunity to piece together the particulars of the graft. And, now that we have done that, and figured out the last particulars, we can begin arresting the guilty parties.

Here, British pundit Simon Parkes — the son of well-known British spies and intelligence operatives — lays out how the U.S. military conducted this espionage and how their surveillance led to the Leonardo satellite system, operated by the Vatican. This is not a spy satellite system, but one used for encryption and communications. It was through this encryption and communications network that instructions went out to the Dominion voting machines used in Georgia. The instructions led the machines to manufacture votes and rig the election on behalf of the Democratic candidates. In other words, wholesale fraud occurred.

In this video, Parkes also discusses the occupation of the U.S. Capitol during President Donald Trump’s rally in Washington DC. A 250-member Antifa splinter-group led the occupancy of the US. Capitol building, joined by Trump supporters duped these goons. Antifa conducted a stage-managed occupation, primarily a theatrical affair, with the cooperation of law enforcement agents at the scene. U.S. mainstream media outlets had been tipped off in advance so they could broadcast this orchestrated charade. It’s quite possible members of the U.S. House and Senate also were aware of the shenanigans, although it will take time to sort out precisely who did know what in advance, so their participation can be weighed and prosecution initiated, if warranted.

Here, Parkes makes a second appearance along with fellow British pundit Charlie Ward on #Unrig, the Internet program of former CIA agent Robert David Steele. They not only touch upon some of the above details, but get into projecting what will will see next. If President Donald Trump can prevail, how will he do so?

The three do concur: Joe Biden will not be inaugurated. Also, they see a high likelihood of martial law and use of the insurrection act — if not across the entire country, then perhaps in a few states where arrests are concentrated.

Here is a long video — almost an hour in length — that spells out particulars on the Leonardo scam. We are given names of the CIA and foreign operatives who worked the scam, including details of the funding and confessions that have already been given in Italy. In addition to former President Barack Obama, the former Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi from Florence, is said to have played a role in organizing and pulling off the heist. Renzi served two years as Prime Minister from 2014 through 2016, his term ending roughly the same time as Obama.

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Time To Take Our Country Back

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media have lost and they are now planning their revenge. This is not on Trump but on the people. The silent majority is no longer silent and the MSM/[DS] talking points no longer work. The evidence is out. It’s time to take back the country. Remember the 3rd of Nov, the day the country was returned to the people. More from the X22 Report.


A red wave is sweeping across Minnesota after the weak governor, Tim Walz, stipulated that only 250 people could attend a campaign rally hosted by President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, more than 20,000 fans had traveled to Rochester, Minn., hoping to attend the rally. Also in the news: The American cross domestic product, or GDP, is skyrocketing. More from And We Know.

Kevin, a Department of Homeland Security Agent contacted me to express his concerns about border security, illegal immigration, and election fraud. More from the SGTReport.

Sir Patrick Mack from In Pursuit of Truth pays homage to Sean Connery while also explaining the permutations he has experienced since the knuckleheads at YouTube and Patreon terminated IPOT. Let’s hope President Donald Trump wins, and we can not only defeat the forces of censorship, but drive them all 230 feet under the ground!

Minnesota Voters Are Livid

An 11th-hour, politically motivated maneuver from Minnesota Gov. Tim Waltz and Attorney General Keith Ellison turned a prospective monster Trump rally in Rochester into what could of been mistaken as a typical Biden-Harris event. With a crowd estimated at 30,000 stranded outside the venue, Waltz limited the rally to 250 people, citing COVID-19 concerns. Acknowledging the huge crowd as American patriots, President Trump admonished Waltz and Ellison as radical Democrats.

Journalist Raymond Arroyo, a frequent contributor to Fox News, spoke with livid voters who were shut out of the event and the mood was understandably testy. Said one female voter from Minneapolis, “It’s classic. Gov. Waltz is trying to shut down Trump, he’s trying to shut down America and he has shut down Minnesota. So why let something be successful and let people have freedom.” Another was terse in his response: “Let’s get rid of him,” he said of Waltz. “We want our state back.” Here’s more of Arroyo’s interaction with the crowd.

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With Students For Trump

Virtually visit a Trump Rally in Phoenix, Arizona with Turley Talks’ Hannah Owens, who takes you into one of the most wonderful and exciting events you will experience! You’re not going to want to miss this! More from Steve Turley.

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Trump’s Tulsa Rally

What went wrong? Ramzpaul formerly lives in Tulsa so he knows the town quite well. He offers his thoughts.

Even though some folks on the ground had trouble getting into the arena to see President Donald Trump, an estimated 6.7 million watched the rally online. We saw some reliable sources who placed the online viewership totals closer to 12 million.

In other words, Trump enjoyed a huge audience dozens upon dozens of times larger than the Democratic nominee Joe Biden could ever hope to achieve. Biden’s campaign can continue to disintegrate into irrelevance. Trump remains on pace to smoke the senile Democratic challenger. More from Steve Turley.

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