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Impeachment Has Backfired

If the Democrats thought impeachment would be a political plus, how come all the new polls show President Donald Trump trouncing every one of the candidates put forth by the deplorable Democrats. More from Mark Dice.

Impeachment has stalled out as Nancy Pelosi is refusing to send it along too the Senate unless she gets “assurances.” In other words, the Democrats in the House want to tell the Republicans in the Senate how they must vote. Just how stupid do the Democrats think the rest of us are? What a bunch of gutless hypocrites. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

RazorFist believes this impeachment vote will bring down the House. As he puts it, “We’ve gone from the Electoral College down to the Clown College.” Our prediction: The Democrats’ vote will cost them seats come 2020. They will likely lose control of the House, or if they retain control, it will be by the slimmest of margins. Goodbye chumps!

Senate Jusiciary Committee leader Lindsey Graham says impeachment will meet a quick demise in the Senate. More from Martin Brodel.

Trump Was IMPEACHED And Democrats Revealed Their REAL And INSANE Strategy. More from Tim Pool.



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