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They Weren’t Happy About It

Ricky Gervais’ devastating monologue at the Golden Globes awards ceremony still is drawing rebukes from the Leftists. Must have really stung those child-murdering, adrenochrome-swilling retards. We all saw Tom Hanks shriveling up his lips. Suck it, you Big phony bastard! More from Mark Dice.

Ricky Gervais BACKLASH exposes the media’s Leftist bias, They’re calling him right wing. Ricky Gervais jokingly snapped back asking how it could be right wing to target the world’s most privileged people and major corporations.

After his viral monologue many personalities on social media and in articles called him right wing or a right wing hero, they said he was pushing right wing talking points.

The reality is that the establishment left is dominated by super wealthy elites pretending to be woke leftists and major corporations that put on a thin veneer of progressivism in order to pander to the left.

By challenging that they are trying to discredit him.

But we can also see the bias exposed by satire website Babylon Bee which gets targeted fairly frequently by media who claims they don’t do enough to show they are a satirical website. In reality neither does The Onion or Clickhole but no one seems to smear them the same way. More from Tim Pool.

Of course, Ricky Gervais saying Hollywood is full of a bunch of pedophiles might not be that Big of a deal. You see, America thinks Gervais “nailed it!” But Lionel Nation says Gervais is probably a Deep State plant and a shill, only telling us what we already know. The laughing matter: We won’t do anything about it!

Jamie Dlux examines the medical records of Jeffrey Epstein, also revealed Sunday on 60 Minutes. And we learn his girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, is under guard 24 hours a day by former Navy Seals. Is she in Israel or house-housing in the United States? Or perhaps elsewhere?

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