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Lift Off With The Nacht Waffen!

McAllister TV ventures into strange territory — the stories of the Nacht Waffen or Night Secret Service, a band of Nazi scientists and super soldiers who formed a breakaway society after World War II. Rumored to be headquartered in Antarctica, these fighters and scientists used technology lifted from space aliens to design and build craft that would hurl them to the Moon, to Mars and beyond.

Here, McAllister examines how this so-called “Dark Fleet” might have operated. The talk uncovers fragments involving Reptilians, clones, MK Ultra and moon bases. We learn of the Nazi General Walter Kruger, commander in the Waffen SS, during World War II.

There’s a lot of material here, some drawn from the recollections of Penny Bradley, who says she was conscripted into this unit. We’ll be returning to explore more on the Nacht Waffen, as well as examining this team’s relationships with the Operation Paperclip Nazi scientists, including Wernher Von Braun, brought to work at NASA and other American laboratories and space programs.

Michael Jaco was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. He enlisted in the United States Navy in November 1978 and started his career as a Navy Hard Hat Diver. He volunteered for Basic Underwater Demolition/Sea Air and Land (BUD/S) training in August 1981. He completed BUD/S training 6 months later with class 116 in February 1982. Upon leaving the US Navy in December 2002 he has served as a High-Risk Security Contractor.

In this video Michael will be sharing what he recalls about the Secret Space program and what life was like working for the CIA. More from Super Soldier Talk.

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Shocking Facts On JFK Jr. Crash

Did John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife and sister-in-law really die in the crash of his Piper Saratoga off the shores of Martha’s Vineyard in July 1999, or are they still alive? Did they even complete the trip, or was it called off at Lincoln Park because of bad weather? Were Navy Seals involved in completing the charade of the trip and crash to fool the Deep State?

In this rarely aired interview from 2019, Stoney Stone and his anonymous guest give us some answers, revealing some shocking facts about Junior’s plane crash that were on no one’s radar. The events and circumstances fit the narrative here and the empirical proof may be presented to an unbelieving world that has been fed a diet of mainstream media cabalist propaganda ever since the Deep State murdered his father in cold blood on Nov. 22, 1963, when the coup de’ etat really happened. The proof’s is in the analysis of facts never before revealed. Here’s more on the story, courtesy of Inglorious Patrios and, as always, judge the for yourself.

Biden Gutting US Energy Supply

Joe Biden and his administration are in the process of destroying multiple U.S. energy sectors and the energy independence of our nation which was achieved under President Donald J. Trump. This is horrible news, and we should do everything in our power to reverse it, but in line with that, there is one energy sector which is poised to profit from Joe’s NWO “green dreams”. CEO Scott Melbye joins me to discuss.

Jordan Sather is back with another Accordin’ To Jordan update. Here, he reacts to the HBO Q finale, as well as the clickb8 surrounding the Navy Seals and the Suez Canal incident. Also, Sather gets into the Matt Gaetz scandal, CLO2 and voter ID backlash.

Seals Rescue Children, Bodies

Navy Seals have rescued more than a thousand children and dead bodies from shipping containers on the Evergreen ship that was blocking the Suez Canal. This according to The Marshall Report, says Martin Brodel. As of this writing, sources say children are still being rescued and bodies recovered in the ship’s 18,000-plus containers.

Brodel says the Seals also found weapons of mass destruction on the vessel, which were believed destined to start a war in the Middle East. The ship was finally freed from the canal earlier this week and taken to Bitter Lake, in Egypt, at which time the Seals searched the containers. Brodel brings us more of the sordid details, plus an update on the Tiger Woods crash, the attack on Capitol Hill and the latest on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who says vaccine passports are a mark of the beast.

They Weren’t Happy About It

Ricky Gervais’ devastating monologue at the Golden Globes awards ceremony still is drawing rebukes from the Leftists. Must have really stung those child-murdering, adrenochrome-swilling retards. We all saw Tom Hanks shriveling up his lips. Suck it, you Big phony bastard! More from Mark Dice.

Ricky Gervais BACKLASH exposes the media’s Leftist bias, They’re calling him right wing. Ricky Gervais jokingly snapped back asking how it could be right wing to target the world’s most privileged people and major corporations.

After his viral monologue many personalities on social media and in articles called him right wing or a right wing hero, they said he was pushing right wing talking points.

The reality is that the establishment left is dominated by super wealthy elites pretending to be woke leftists and major corporations that put on a thin veneer of progressivism in order to pander to the left.

By challenging that they are trying to discredit him.

But we can also see the bias exposed by satire website Babylon Bee which gets targeted fairly frequently by media who claims they don’t do enough to show they are a satirical website. In reality neither does The Onion or Clickhole but no one seems to smear them the same way. More from Tim Pool.

Of course, Ricky Gervais saying Hollywood is full of a bunch of pedophiles might not be that Big of a deal. You see, America thinks Gervais “nailed it!” But Lionel Nation says Gervais is probably a Deep State plant and a shill, only telling us what we already know. The laughing matter: We won’t do anything about it!

Jamie Dlux examines the medical records of Jeffrey Epstein, also revealed Sunday on 60 Minutes. And we learn his girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, is under guard 24 hours a day by former Navy Seals. Is she in Israel or house-housing in the United States? Or perhaps elsewhere?

Lara Logan’s Suicidal Integrity

Lara Logan says it’s professional suicide, but speaks truth about news media bias in an interview on the ‘Mike Drop’ podcast with Navy SEAL Mike Ritland. She calls out the overwhelming Left-wing, and anti-Trump, tilt in reporting, and slams journalists who use anonymous government sources. Bill Whittle and his Right Angle colleagues discuss.

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Taking Down the Pedogates tells us, “Many of us have hoped for a long time that some well-trained special forces military white knights might come along and ban together to target the bad guys, especially the Satanic elite bad guys who target children. Well, I’m happy to report that we may have gotten our wish. Former Navy SEAL and trained Federal investigator Craig “Sawman” Sawyer has decided to dedicate his life to exposing, and with any luck bringing to justice, those who prey on children. Sawyer has started the group Vets 4 Child Rescue.”

Stalking Osama bin Laden

Here’s a video based on a series of interviews with the Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden. To protect his identity, his real voice isn’t being used. Phil Bronstein, executive chairman of the board of the Center for Investigative Reporting, conducted the interviews. Bronstein also wrote an accompanying magazine piece that appears in the March issue of Esquire.

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