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Where are the Michael Atkinson transcripts? Why haven’t the Democrats pushing impeachment released those transcripts? Probably because Atkinson, a former attorney with the Department of Justice,  could have said things that supported President Donald Trump and cast doubts upon the impeachment. Perhaps because Atkinson exposed the nefarious double-dealing and lies of the Trump accuser — the man whose name dares not be mentioned.

Like In Pursuit of Truth, we have mentioned that name several times, but won’t do so again here. Although we do invite you to look below for clues you might find to scour our site for other stories on this alleged “whistleblower.”

Imagine you’re back in grade school and you’re watching Blues Clues. Why aren’t we being more specific? Simple. Most of the videos we have run on this whistleblower have now been banned, censored and struck off line. This is a game of vile censorship the Democrats and their flunkies in the mainstream media are playing. To combat them, we must be a little bit coy, a little bit clever.

Rest assured, we could care less about protecting the whistleblower’s identity. He’s a liar and a two-bit cad!

And We Know offers a compilation video that gives an overview of President Donal;d Trump’s New Jersey campaign appearance as well as breakthrough performances by four noted Republican women, the best of these, Pam Bondi, exposing the corruption of Hunter and Joe Biden and their dirty involvement with Burisma in the Ukraine. Bondi is the former Florida Attorney General, now serving on President’s Trump impeachment team in the US Senate. Needless to day, all of the major TV networks — ABC, CBS and NBC — blacked out her Senate speech. That’s not because they are cowards, but rather, because they are just as corrupt as the Democrats and have every reason to hide the truth these days.

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The [Deep State] is now struggling to make their case in the fake impeachment. Meanwhile the patriots move their pieces into position. Trump calls out Bolton. Sounds similar to Session and Powell. Watch what happens next. The IG FISA report has discrepancies. Durham appoints a new criminal chief. The [DS] tries to get ahead of the deep fakes. This will all fail. The patriots have it all. The best is yet to come. More from the X22 Report.

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Sens. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., and Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, have requested that Attorney General Bill Barr declassify the blacked-out passages of the Inspector General’s report. Also, what’s President Trump saying about John Bolton and his new book. Otherwise, there’s Q posts to decipher on this edition of RedPill78.

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McAllister TV is in rare form attacking Rick Wilson, the phony Never Trumper that appeared cackling with Don Lemon on the communist loser network CNN. And speaking of communist losers, she also waylays the Socialist douchebag Bernie Sanders and the Do-Nothing Democrats. Why are they acting so bizarre, like deranged aliens losing their minds? Stay tuned to find out.

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