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Why EU Fears Resurgent UK?

Now that Brexit has occurred and Great Britain has freed itself from the yoke of the oppressive European Union, what will be the next step toward freedom? Which nations will follow Great Britain and reassert their own sovereignty? Will the non-elected fiends who run the EU be brought to task and forced to pull back their attempts to wrest away the power and independence of Europe’s nations? More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

We salute all of the British freedom fighters who kicked out the evil Globalists. Nigel Farage obviously led the charge, but many more joined the fight, including the oppressed Gamergate players, such as the Sargon of Akkad. Now is the time to stop the Globalists from hurting any more children. The child rapists and murderers must pay! Here’s “Sargon,” a parody of “Starboy,” by Rucka Rucka Ali.

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Styxhexenhammer666 wonders what’s next? And who’s next? Will other nations leave the European Union? The answer? Almost certainly. But Styx sees the European Union surviving, just shrinking. He predicts it will become primarily Germany and France as the powerhouses, along with Netherlands and Belgium and a few “vassal” states to provide cheap labor. Most likely to be gone? The Scandinavian countries and some of those that are disenchanted in the South, like Spain, Italy or Greece.


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