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Trump Furious Over Virus Snafu

Health officials sent people infected with coronavirus on an airplane back to the United States, despite Trump’s orders to keep the infected in quarantines OUTSIDE of the country. The culprit: Ian G. Brownlee, who became the State Department’s Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs in Japan in February 2019. He began working for the State Department, in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, in 2012 — so he’s obviously an Obama appointee and also quite used to working in a dirty and dilapidated city. Mr. Obvious details the blowup, plus gives us a few updates and word on cult virus spreaders in South Korea.

China is no longer reporting its coronavirus numbers. It’s a Stalinized country and they are acting like it. Their goal is to keep as many of the foreign companies operating as possible, even within quarantine zones. Meanwhile, the virus numbers are escalating rapidly in Japan, South Korea, Iran and Italy. Anyone who doubted it would become a pandemic is now being taught a harsh lesson. If you haven’t already, you must take action to prepare — or know you could soon pay the price for your dawdling. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Boy this is not good… Covid-19 cases are leaping higher in disparate countries around the globe — doubling overnight in South Korea, Italy and Iran.

New research continues to clarify how *extremely* contagious this virus is (as the rash of worldwide infections confirms). It increasingly looks like the only hope countries have of containing covid-19 is to use the draconian mass quarantine efforts that China is enforcing on its populace.

Don’t assume that can’t happen where you live. It may be the only alternative for your government to pursue, which is why preparing now for self-isolation/home quarantine is extremely prudent. More from Chris Martenson.

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Scientists Max & Phil rejoin the program to discuss the very real global supply chain disruptions that will be affecting most businesses across the world. Certain companies and retailers are already experiencing lack of supplies and shipments, especially those implementing just in time inventory practices. More from Sarah Westall.

Will you be able to survive a lengthy quarantine? More from the SGTReport.

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