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Jamie Dlux offers a look at the turbulence surrounding Max Landis. Who is he? The Hollywood screenwriter (Bright, Mr. Right) and producer accused of multiple charges of sexual abuse by multiple women. He is the son of John Landis, whose comedy hits included The Blues Brothers and Trading Places.

Alec Baldwin guest hosts The Ellen DeGeneres Show and — lo and behold — introduces a “comic skit” full of pedophile humor. This is not only sick humor, but made by and for degenerates. Meanwhile, you would think the set designers for Ellen’s show would make more of an effort to come up with something original, as opposed to patterning the look after Jeffrey Epstein’s decor on Little St. James Island — the Pedo Island — in the Caribbean! Disgusting show, bottom-of-the-barrel hosts all around.

ARVE Error: need id and provider
Adrenochrome withdrawal is a mofo!
Three views of Sharon Stone — 3/10, 3/19 and 3/21.
My, my, I’m melting!!!
3/10: She’s 62. Looks 48!
3/19: Definitely in her 60s, using makeup to cover up her dark circles
3/21: 62, going on 80
Coming Soon: Vampire time.
From Tommy G.
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