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Mouth To Butt Contact Banned

What will the Democrats do now? Looks like New York City is being forced to ban mouth to butt contact as the coronavirus outbreak continues and ravages Liberal cesspools like NYC. Mouth to butt contact is usually called by the slang term: Rimming. Here, Vincent James of The Red Elephants offers an update. Our question: What will be next? Will the Democrats be forced to ban shitting on the streets in San Francisco? Will they actually have to clean up their dirty bunghole metropolitan hangouts?

Styxhexenhammer666 gives his daily coronavirus update. Worldwide, the number of cases has now surpassed 427,000, with 19,000 deaths. The three countries that have had the highest numbers of reported cases: China, 61,869; Italy, 69,176; and the United States, 51,818. Also with more than 10,000 cases: Germany, Iran, France and Spain.

If President Trump is for it, the media is against it, even if it might save American lives. Why are members of the media trying to discredit hydroxychloroquine? More from Tucker Carlson at Fox News.

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Videos are now emerging of idiots deliberately spreading the coronavirus. The videos show people sneezing or wiping spit on benches, inside elevators or on escalators. In other words, we have a derelict class that doesn’t care how many people die. This is a bunch, like Antifa, that needs to be identified and locked away. More from Vincent James with The Red Elephants.

The Wuhan Coronavirus originated in China and the communist Chinese government suppressed information.

Whose side is the American mainstream media on? More from PragerU.



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