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Breaking The Celebrity Code!

What happened to the “celebs” of Hollywood? NONE of them LOOK the same! They ranted like maniacs from their homes…but currently there’s a strange silence coming from the land of “movie magic”!

Is an ANON decode correct? Were they all put on HOUSE ARREST and are they signaling for help in these weird videos? Did they find their adrenochrome supplies were dried up, and did they have to find another source?

SOMETHING HAPPENED…more clues from McAllister TV.

Insane Celebrity Covid Videos

Most of you remember the crazy celebrity videos that begin cropping up around the same time as the covid lockdown began. We saw David Spade, Ellen DeGeneres and Madonna all seemingly talking in code. They weren’t referencing covid, but rather seemed to be addressing the more secretive drug — adrenochrome — acquired from the glands of executed children.

How many of the Hollywood celebrities have become addicted to this drug? How do they obtain their fix? Has the CIA become involved in the transport of the drug, much as the agency handles meth, heroin and other narcotics?

Here, McAllister TV delves into these videos, and ponders their significance. We also see the strange sight of a shape-shifting Laura Ingraham. All is not as it seems.

Six Signs Of MK-Ultra Control

We’re used to bizarre behavior from Hollywood celebrities, but how much of it is really a sign of something darker?

In the early 1950s, the CIA began a highly secretive and nefarious mind-control experiment known as MK-Ultra and later, Monarch. Its goal: to gain complete control over the human mind. Signs of the controversial project began showing up in the minds of the era’s best-known stars, such as Marilyn Monroe. Today, actors, musicians, politicians and some professional athletes are said to be under the influence of this powerful, trauma-based mind control. Governments and private industries have worked it for many decades, from electroshock therapy to drug use and beyond, and all to get individuals to do absolutely anything they are programmed to.

Some of the names will shock you: Britney Spears, who also is troubled with multiple personalities, NBC’s Al Roker, Beyonce, Niki Minaj and many others. Once these stars get big enough, they are no longer a person, but a controlled asset of the Illuminati. In the following video, RenaudBe breaks down six signs of Monarch mind control and no figure sparks more speculation in MK-Ultra lore than the illusive, mysterious, shadowy controllers known as handlers. Notable figures from Ellen DeGeneres to Bob Hope have been alleged to be handlers, disguised as security or entourage members, entrusted with code words to control the “slave.”¬† Here’s a deeper look into the strange world of MK-Ultra with RenaudBe.

Ellen Degenerate In Hot Water

Dozens of employee complaints are now saddling the fallen idol Ellen DeGeneres. Employees say they were being sexually harassed. Needless to say, DeGeneres claims she had no knowledge of any improprieties. Don’t look for her to return to television anytime soon. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Salty Cracker explores the specifics of one of those cases, involving a gay executive who was sexually assaulting staff members. Was DeGeneres aware? And if so, why didn’t she act to stop the improprieties?

Ellen DeGeneres Gets Canceled

Cancel Culture comes for Ellen DeGeneres, after she gets EXPOSED for abusing her employees, discrimination and more. Warner is investigating the “Queen of Mean.” Oh the irony. More from Mr. Obvious.

Sympathy For A Devil

Don Lemon expresses sympathy for Jerry Sandusky, the former Pennsylvania State University football coach serving 30 to 60 years in prison following his conviction of charges relating to pedophilia in 2012. Sandusky faced more than 40 counts involving raping and molesting young boys, so it’s a bit of a mystery why Lemon should feel any remorse whatsoever with the guilty verdict. More from Jamie Dlux.

This past week, conspiracy theories about Wayfair trafficking children have surfaced, and now, Ellen DeGeneres is under speculation. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed.

Pink Means Adrenochrome

Aerosmith’s song “Pink” is an ode to adrenochrome junkies. Obviously, Steven Tyler is quite familiar with the despicable practices used to prey upon children to produce adrenochrome.

The rich and the famous ingest the substance so they can live longer. The adrenochrome is served in a blood-based mixture — the walnut sauce¬† — that has a pinkish hue.

This is why so many Victoria’s Secret clothing lines carry cryptic references to this color — Pink, Love Pink and Got Pink among the apparel brands. McAllister TV touches upon adrenochrome while also discussing why Google is a threat to humanity.

Why do [they] talk like this? TRUreporting breaks down the talk of Hollywood celebrities discussing their adrenochrome fixation. The program opens with just such an admission from Lee Daniels, the director of Precious and producer of Monster’s Ball, saying he drinks baby’s blood to stay younger looking.

There are also looks at Jennifer Aniston, Selena Gomez and Adam Sandler, all talking about eating “pizza” at George Clooney’s residence in Italy and always on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Why would Katy Perry pick Jennifer Aniston as her godmother? How about Reese Witherspoon and her connections to Wayfair? Hang onto your seats and prepare for a very telling show that ties many inside Hollywood to an ancient death cult.




Trafficking Stories Silenced

The ocean of reality regarding hard-core sex trafficking is being silenced. Case in point: Crickets from Hollywood celebrities following the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell. No one called her out. No one was relieved that she was finally being detained. Similarly, the strange revelation with online merchant Wayfair and its alleged ties to child trafficking. The allegations came to light when Wayfair listed pillows and cabinets on its online site with exorbitant prices in the thousands of dollars and had human names on the item descriptions. Riss Flex reports that a Fox Business News article called out TV talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres for her partnership with Wayfair, where she listed pillows on the site for as much as $12,000. The response from DeGeneres: more silence. Classified advertising websites Craiglist and Backpage have also been accused of conducting online sex trafficking. Backpage was seized by federal law enforcement agencies and shut down in 2018. So if human trafficking was indeed a problem in our country, where, you might ask, is all the mainstream media coverage on these explosive allegations? Again, crickets. In her following video, Flex gets some answers from the late Isaac Kappy, an actor who died mysteriously last May after releasing, with great detail and names, a lot of info about the Hollywood pedophilia problem. In the short clip, Kappy explains who owns the media and reveals some specific examples about why we don’t hear pedophilia stories in the media. The video also features an Alex Jones clip from InfoWars, explaining how authorities have been caught trying to normalize pedophilia.

Weird Nazi Briefcase Found

McAllister TV discusses a bizarre discovery: A Nazi briefcase containing Y-shaped skulls. What exactly are they? Where did they come from? Also, in this edition, what’s with the Wayfair lumbar pillow? How does it relate to Ellen DeGeneres? Watch for the decode.

The Stars Are Falling

Ellen DeGeneres & Jimmy Kimmel cancel their shows. Oprah Winfrey cancels all her events for 2020. Steve Bing commits suicide. Where are Tom and Rita? What about David Spade and Chelsea Handler? More from Alice Down the Rabbit Hole.

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