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Leftist School Boards Flipped

More than 130 school boards have been flipped by Back to School USA, a group supporting conservative ideals and an end to leftist attempts to indoctrinate and harm American children.

Clarice Schillinger, executive director of the Back to School USA, says the organization has raised $1.5 million that has been used to put conservatives on local school board races.  Schillinger started her group in Pennsylvania, but now has expanded and become a nationwide operation. She’s especially eager to thwart the left in its blatant efforts to oversexualize young children.

Here, she speaks with Steve Bannon on Bannon’s War Room.

Hunter’s Biden Sick Abuse

More details are emerging showing a pattern of abuse involving Hunter Biden and his 14-year-old niece Natalie Biden. The abuse is sick enough, but what’s more disturbing: Hunter’s father Joe Biden, the current President of the United States, was aware of what was going on and looked the other way. In other words, Joe Biden is as big a scuzzball as his son. More from JustInformed Talk.

House Of Cards Tumbling Down

The [Deep State] is trapped in their own agenda. The drips are now turning into floods and soon the people are going to see it all. Hunter Biden info is being leaked out daily now.

Trump sends message. Crimes against humanity and sexual abuse are on deck. The [Deep State] is feeling pain and their house of cards is about to come tumbling down. The people will understand who the treasonous people are. More from the X22 Report.


Whistleblower Divulges Codes

So much news today, President Donald Trump responds to Seth Keshel’s report, alleging widespread election fraud. Also, Colorado elections on the line, Dominion voting systems whistleblower video and explanation, and Andrew Cuomo sexual assault report has dropped! More from RedPill78.

CodeMonkeyZ brings forth a new whistleblower who will be disclosing passwords used to reach the online platforms where Dominion Voting and Democratic officials cheated to steal the 2020 Presidential election. “Today we learn the importance of timing and optics,” says And We Know.

Intel Agents Going To Jail?

Devin Nunes, the California congressman who formerly chaired the House Intelligence Committee, says the Durham report is coming soon. And “some will go to jail.”

The focus of the report will be on the intelligence agencies, notably the FBI and CIA, that concocted the phony Russia collusion tale, alleging Russian control of President Donald Trump.

We have waited so long for the report from John Durham that many have begun to doubt it’s ever coming. More from Trish Regan.

The Durham report isn’t the only major release scheduled to happen today. John McAfee’s dead-man’s switch will be disclosed today, most likely around 4 or 5 pm, on Jessie’s Right on Radio Show.

This is the radio show hosted by Chaplain Jessie Czebotar, a victim of Illuminati sexual abuse.  You can find her radio show at

Here, Czebotar discusses the dead-man’s switch with Sarah Westall.

Back In Black

Leon Black, the former chief of the Apollo Investment firm, has been embroiled in the life of sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein. And now, a Russian woman is suing Black on charges he subjected her to sexual torture and used extortion and violence to force her to remain silent about the misdeeds. More from Jamie Dlux.

Major Epstein Revelations

Holy cow! The massive data dump surrounding the Jeffrey Epstein scandal has dropped all kinds of stunning revelations. We knew Epstein wasn’t the only guilty party, and now, we are learning how his high-powered friends, associates and guests on Little St. James Island joined him in raping children and committing other heinous crimes. Under-aged girls, 14 to 16 years old, appear to have been the most frequent victims.

This shameful conduct wasn’t restricted to Epstein, either, but included Prince Andrew, President Bill Clinton and attorney Alan Dershowitz. Vile and disgusting, to say the least. Here, We Are Change sorts through the most damning of the court documents. More should be coming on Monday.

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Bombshell documents reveal Bill Clinton stayed at Jeffrey Epstein’s island with two under-aged girls, both apparently from New York. This sort of depravity among our ruling elite is fueling a populist uprising. More from Steve Turley.

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Hollywood’s Dark Side

Rose MacGowan exposes more of the dark side of Hollywood. If you thought the stories about Chrissie Teigen were bad, turns out they were just the beginning. Based on what MacGowan says, it’s clear that Hollywood plays a central role in human trafficking. Stay tuned: We’re going to hear more about the pedophile rings, the sexual abuse of women and children, all of Hollywood’s dark doings.  More from JosiahRises.

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Life is like the coronavirus. Some people just don’t get it. If you need any indication of just how far Hollywood has fallen, look at the recent career trajectory of Tom Hanks. He was at one point the most highly respected of all Hollywood actors, widely beloved and believed. But now, people have come to understand how Hanks has harbored monstrous and depraved urges,  involving pedophilia and Satanism. Here is a look at his personal quirks seen through moments in his films. More from Tamara Desiree Magdalene, The Lioness of the Yeshua.

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Bill Maher’s Big Mistake

Bill Maher has made a big mistake. He’s telling women if Joe Biden molested them, they should just stay quiet about it. Just how hypocritical can the Democrats get? More from Sinatra Says.

Joe Biden Looking Sicker

Joe Biden is looking sicker and sicker. Can he make it until November? How long before the Democrats toss his sorry flanks to the wolves? More from Bill Still.

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Tara Reade has accused current presidential candidate (and former Vice President) Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her when she worked in his Senate office in 1993.

If true, it was unambiguous assault by Biden. According to Reade, he began orally kissing her without her permission, pushed her up against a wall, reached up under her skirt, and roughly penetrated her vagina with his fingers. More from Stefan Molyneux.

Media goes full panic mode as new evidence emerges against Joe Biden. Face it: The Democrats can’t defend him. And they can’t stand behind him.

While CNN and other Democrat allies have stated this story is mostly in conservative circles, they ignore all the progressives who oppose Biden as well calling him out over this story.

But it might not be all bad, Democrats need a reason to can Biden at a moment’s notice. With this, they could easily swap him out and cite the allegations as their reason for choosing a candidate who was not elected in the primary process.

What will happen in November’s 2020 election is anyone’s guess. The allegations may cause serious harm to the Democrats but so long as Joe Biden is kept hidden away perhaps they will benefit from not being seen. So long as Biden is hidden he can’t gaffe. More from Tim Pool.



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