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Chicago’s Not-So-Magnifcent 7

Everyone’s heard of the Magnificent Seven, the classic 1960 Western that dazzled moviegoers. Then there’s Chicago’s “Not-So-Magnificent Seven,” whom have created a political firestorm in the Windy City with a lasting, negative effect on America still evident to this day. The original classic starred luminaries, such as Steve McQueen, Yul Brynner and James Coburn. Chicago’s Seven features a cast liars, terrorists and racists: President Barack Obama, former Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers and four supposed “holy men”–Rev. Louis Farrakan, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Father Michael Pfleger and Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Despite wielding massive political power, they failed  miserably. Chicago remains the murder capital of the country, with no sign of letting up anytime soon. In this episode of Epoch Times, host Larry Elder takes a closer look at the Chicago Seven and reveals why they are so infamous.

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