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Cabinet Secretary’s Commie Ties

Joe Biden’s Cain Secretary in charge of the Interior Department — Debra Haaland — has longstanding ties to Leftists involved in the Communist Party. Haaland is a former Congresswoman from New Mexico. A Native American, she was pushed forward by a host of Leftists from Hollywood, including Mark Rufalo, Cher and Jane Fonda. Here’s a closer look at her Communist sympathies from the Epoch Times.

Trump Not Finished Yet

For those of you who believe President Trump is finished, think again. Four years is an eternity in politics. In this episode, Larry Elder looks back at other politicians the mainstream media and pundits claimed were done after a loss or two. The most celebrated was Richard Nixon, who lost his Presidential bid to John F. Kennedy in 1960, then was soundly defeated by Pat Brown for the governorship of California in 1962, before winning the White House in 1968.

So don’t assume Trump will disappear anytime soon. After all, it won’t be the first time his adversaries underestimated him.

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Michelle Still Playing Race Card

Former First Lady Michelle Obama, arguably one of the most admired women on the planet, has returned to her Old Faithful–the race card. It’s a likely fixture for the First Lady and her husband, President Barack Obama, through the years, despite their fairytale lives.

Both oppose school choice, but attended schools outside the neighborhoods they grew up in. And both their daughters attended private schools. The Obamas went on to attend elite schools of higher learning, Michelle to Princeton and Harvard Law School, and President Obama to Occidental College in LA, and onto the Ivy League’s Columbia and Harvard Law School. They later landed cushy jobs at at Sidley Austin LLP, a prestigious law firm in Chicago, served the country in the White House for eight years and, most recently, purchased a $12.7 million dollar house in Martha’s Vineyard, within walking distance to the ocean.

Yet to this day, Michelle is still stoking fears about climate change eroding the coast, the dangers of school choice and racial inequality. Similar paths on the Left has steered 95 percent of the African American vote to the Democrat Party in recent elections. But that may be short-lived, says political commentator and talk show host Larry Elder. The Black community is waking up to the disoriented rhetoric and empty promises of the party. Here’s more with Elder, presented by Epoch Times.

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Chicago’s Not-So-Magnifcent 7

Everyone’s heard of the Magnificent Seven, the classic 1960 Western that dazzled moviegoers. Then there’s Chicago’s “Not-So-Magnificent Seven,” whom have created a political firestorm in the Windy City with a lasting, negative effect on America still evident to this day. The original classic starred luminaries, such as Steve McQueen, Yul Brynner and James Coburn. Chicago’s Seven features a cast liars, terrorists and racists: President Barack Obama, former Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers and four supposed “holy men”–Rev. Louis Farrakan, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Father Michael Pfleger and Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Despite wielding massive political power, they failed  miserably. Chicago remains the murder capital of the country, with no sign of letting up anytime soon. In this episode of Epoch Times, host Larry Elder takes a closer look at the Chicago Seven and reveals why they are so infamous.

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Down the Rabbithole

MSNBC goes down a new rabbithole, claiming an Asian group is trying to help bankroll President Donald trump’s re-election. Turns out MSNBC is jawboning over The Epoch Times, which is an American publication, run by recent immigrants from mainland China. Meanwhile, MSNBC says nothing over the Democratic Party traveling to Mexico City to hold three anti-Trump fund-raising events. More from Mark Dice.

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Speaking of rabbit holes, Ever heard of LARRY CELONA (Royal Lancer)? Does he really exist? Stanley Kubrick in EYES WIDE SHUT listed him in the credits and showed his articles from the New York Post in a an actual movie scene. Then, get this, Larry Celona in real life writes about Kubrick’s suicide months later after the movie is released. What are the ODDS of that? More from Bill Smith.

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Rachel Chandler alleged child Handler for Epstein, Ghislaine, Michael Aquino, modeling’s pedo normalization. More from TestingtheNarrative.

The Assange Arrest

By arresting Julian Assange and pushing his deportation to the United States, the Trump administration appears to be making a martyr. Come on, Trump. The most dangerous thing this man has done is sleep with Pamela Anderson. More from The Rageaholic.

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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012, until his asylum was revoked on April 11 and he was arrested by UK police. Concurrently, the U.S. Department of Justice unsealed an indictment against him and requested his immediate extradition to the United States. The timing of this sudden movement in the Assange case after seven years of almost complete stasis isn’t a coincidence. More from the Epoch Times, focusing here on the question, “Will Julian Assange be offered a plea deal?”

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CNN, FOX not yet sure if it’s better for their team to love or hate Assange. Assange + Trump more likely to make a deal than any other POTUS. What does Assange know, that nobody else knows? More from Scott Adams.

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Red November

We’ve all looked on with amazement as MASSIVE numbers of Lefties seem to be reaching new plateau after new plateau of batsh** crazy….yet what we’ve been seeing with our eyes defies any reasonable explanation. Jason Anderson offers the most reasonable explanation I’ve heard so far—   They are not ‘crazy’ crazy, they’re ‘junkie crazy.’ They’ve become ‘power addicts.’

They respond to Trump like a junkie would: NOT by rationally accepting the situation, but by ripping out all the copper wiring and setting the house on fire.

Having dealt with junkies…. this is spot on. More from Joe Dan Gorman on Intellectual Froglegs.

The latest polls are showing strong absentee and early voting tallies by Republicans. They turned out ahead of Democrats in many key states, among them, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Montana and Arizona. What’s it mean? Even if the Democrats take the House, they are not going to make gains in the Senate, so President Donald Trump and the Senate can hold the Liberals and Radicals at bay.

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Who Are the Dirtiest Players

It’s pretty pathetic when a newspaper like the Epoch Times does a better job explaining an American scandal than the leading American news outlets. Of course, one of the reasons is the American news outlets are in on the fix. Several of them have taken money from the Democratic National Committee’s “strategic intelligence” firm Fusion GPS to spread lies about the Trump administration and its alleged — and so far, wholly unproven — collusion with the Russians. Epoch Times identifies the following media outlets as being complicit: the New York Times, Washington Post, Yahoo News, CNN and the New Yorker Magazine. There are undoubtedly others that will be revealed in the weeks and months ahead.

What is Epoch Times? It’s a New York-based media firm that primarily targets a Chinese audience with distribution in some 35 countries. The publication is anti-Communist and has a track record of focusing on human rights issues. It has served the Falun Gong community, so some media critics have taken a dim view of this publication. Still, how is Epoch Times any different than the Washington Post, whose owner, Jeff Bezos, receives $600 million from the CIA to provide the often disreputable spy agency with cloud computing services?

To check out the excellent Epoch Times report below, we suggest you zoom in and enlarge this page 200 to 300 percent, whichever level gives you a comfortable and legible read. You’ll learn much here — who are the dirty players, how did they violate all of our rights, what sorts of punishments should be meted out to ensure this kind of scandal is not repeated again and again, diminishing America and violating the trust of the people and our freedoms.

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