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Lockdown Worse Than Virus

Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp boldly began lifting lockdown restrictions and reopening his state on April 25, and the backlash was instantaneous. Democrats and the mainstream media didn’t hold back, calling him everything from irresponsible to dangerous, claiming the state of Georgia would be flattened by a tidal wave of corpses. But facts are facts.

Fast forward to today and Georgia’s coronavirus cases have decreased, and infections and death have declined since early April. “Georgia’s numbers are no worse than the national average,” says Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson. “And we should be thrilled by this news, because it suggests that America can begin to return to normal, restore rights to the population and maybe even treat citizens like adults.”

Fact is, lockdowns can actually be worse than getting sick for most people. If your under 60, chances of dying from the virus are fewer than 1 in a 1,000. The odds, however, that the lockdown is making you poor and destroying your life are far higher. Here’s more from “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

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