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CNN And The Gaslight Gang

CNN and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow are humiliated as they try to gaslight and proclaim the riots are peaceful. Wrong! These are bloody and violent riots, orchestrated by the strong-arm gangs associated with the Democratic Party — Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Dumbos can believe the Democrats. Fortunately, most Americans are smarter than that. More from Steve Turley.

The mainstream media threw fits throughout the Republican National Convention. This media is so clearly biased and lopsided in favor of the scumbag Democrats. Barely could the jittery assholes from MSNBC and CNN wait to refute what the RNC speakers said.

These are no longer working journalists, but Leftist stooges, whose diatribes are orchestrated by their closeted allies in the CIA and elsewhere within the Deep State. The CIA needs to start protecting America, not trying to pervert our democracy. If they can’t reform their ways, abolish them. More from Mark Dice.

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