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A Defense Against Gaslighting

In this edition of Film, Literature and the New World Order we welcome Thomas Sheridan, author of The Anvil of the Psyche, to discuss Gaslight, the 1940 British psychological thriller that introduced us to the concept of ‘gaslighting.’

In the discussion. we point out how common gaslighting is, ask “Are you being gaslighted?,” talk about techniques for defending oneself from gaslighting, and talk about how this technique is used on a societal level by the psychopaths at the top of the pyramid. Here’s more from The Corbett Report.

Corruption At Highest Levels

The [Deep State] has been caught in the act: Corruption at the highest level. The stage is now being set.

The public is now seeing their crimes, how it was done and coordinated. Once the public sees it, they cannot forget and they are willing to accept more.

The [Deep State] is panicking. They will now push the information war into a physical war. This is when the patriots will finish it. More from the X22 Report.

Everything Feels Just Weird

When seeing and hearing is no longer believing. More from Truthstream Media.

Porter: Shades Of Al Franken

The ex-husband of U.S. Rep Katie Porter, D-California. is charging she is a chronic domestic abuser and gaslighter. Styxhexenhammer666 surveys her history of domestic violence and says he “sees shades of Al Franken.”

Gaslighting The Masses

Here is the conclusion of my interview with investigative journalist Lara Logan. In the first half, we discuss 60 Minutes, fake news and gaslighting the masses. In the second half we discuss Brunson v Adams, the bioweapon jab and Ukraine, a hub for child sex trafficking. Thanks for tuning in. More from SGTReport.

Twitter: The Damage Control

Elon just kneecapped the former management and the US political uniparty. More from Styyxhexenhammer666.

Truth Is Coming To Light

Inspired’s Jean Nolan welcomes Frank Jacob to the podcast to discern what is truth and what are lies. Could a positive energy window be opening to bring the truth to light?

Jacob posits that a lot of “cool” information is happening, the kind that would set the alternative community ablaze, but a large part of the population are still being gaslighted by lies. Who are the culprits? Here’s more with Jacob and Nolan.

Gaslighting Me With Psyops

With a tip of the cap to Thomas Dolby, Media Bear returns with another psychotic parody.

Media Are Paid Gaslighters

Pick any day, any time and you will witness the mainstream media gaslighting the public. Case in point is the recent Rittenhouse trial, where the networks misled viewers on the facts for more than a year.

Viva Frei’s David Freiheit says he’s appalled by the media’s performance, CNN in particular, and breaks down the definition and etymology of gaslighting in the following video.

Do Not Comply

The erosion of our rights and liberties. The lies. The gaslighting. The chaos. All depend on your compliance. Push back, America. More from New York Nadia.

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