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Why Is Arizona So Important?

Why is Arizona so important? Why are the Democrats and their Demonic allies mobilizing so hard to fight the election audit? Why kinds of racketeering might be exposed? How has this corruption been applied in state after state to pervert the election results and place in power phonies who do the biding of the Illuminati and the Cabal? Buckle up! We are stating to win! And the demons are screaming and screeching! Pray! More from And We Know.

Jordan Sather opens a new Accordin’ to Jordan video by discussing the Maricopa County election audit in Arizona. In addition, he covers: fake Hillary Rodham Clinton news, Trump saying no to forced vaccines and Congress addressing climate change.

Juan O Savin returns to SGT Report to discuss the illegitimate “president” Joseph Biden & more. This is part 1 of our lengthy two-part interview.

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3 thoughts on “Why Is Arizona So Important?

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  2. Anonymous on said:

    What part of IT DOES NOT MATTER do you people not understand? There is no America. There is only the corporation of the United States. What a bunch a idiots. Keep believing that you are a democrat, or you are a republican. Keep fighting about it as well. That’s exactly what they want. Again I say, WHAT A BUNCH OF IDIOTS!

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