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The Brodels: Enough Is Enough!

Check out Martin Brodel and his wife, Brenda, like you’ve never seen them before. In an impassioned rant to the military and the supposed top 10 white hats who have the plan for the Great Awakening, Martin screams that he’s sick and tired of going out on a limb, putting the truth out there day after day, only to see the good guys make him and other alternative bloggers looks like fools!

“You want us to tell everyone that Hillary is dead. I get it, she’s dead,” Martin says. “Biden’s gone and Fauci has been arrested. OK, fine. Stop trotting the motherf*ckers out for everyone to see. Stop paying actors to put them out there.” He suggests the smart guys are becoming drunk with power and, instead of telling the truth to the American people, they are complicit in the massive web of lies.

Meanwhile, Brenda says the ridicule from family and friends is becoming unbearable. “Our friends and neighbors don’t want to talk to us anymore, because they think we’re crazy.” Here’s the entire rant.

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4 thoughts on “The Brodels: Enough Is Enough!

  1. Martin it’s time to realize that Trump is not our man he is nothing but a ConMan he is a part of the illuminati he is one in the same as Biden he’s controlling the show all right and how is the show going not so good it’s time to wake up you’re a very good man

    • Interesting comments, although millions of Americans who gave Trump a landslide victory in the 2020 (fraud-ridden) Presidential election will beg to differ with you. Whether he’s “our man” or not, only time will tell. The truth always wins out. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Dr Bobbi Anne White on said:

    We’re you. Ever in the military, Sir?

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