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Years Of CIA Deep State Lies

Here is a three-part X-Series special from the Dark Journalist, exploring the many lies and obfuscations of the CIA, and its covert involvement in numerous political assassinations, including the killings of both JFK and Robert Kennedy, as well as Martin Luther King Jr.

Part 1 is a fascinating overview of the Deep State’s role in the JFK Assassination by the man who coined the term: UC Berkeley Professor Peter Dale Scott.

PART 2 is called AGENT OSWALD – THE CIA PATSY. Join Dark Journalist for his classic JFK Assassination documentary of the CIA connections of Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin of JFK. Watch the assassination researchers who have uncovered the truth that Oswald was set up to take the fall by the CIA in the Deep State of power, politics and covert ops.

PART 3: X-PROTECT AEROSPACE UFO FILE ASSASSINS. Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt presents his latest Breakthrough Documentary that uncovers startling information about an unknown group of Secret Aerospace Agents that have manipulated world-changing geopolitical events over the last 70 years to protect the secret of the UFO File.

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