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Trump Not Finished Yet

For those of you who believe President Trump is finished, think again. Four years is an eternity in politics. In this episode, Larry Elder looks back at other politicians the mainstream media and pundits claimed were done after a loss or two. The most celebrated was Richard Nixon, who lost his Presidential bid to John F. Kennedy in 1960, then was soundly defeated by Pat Brown for the governorship of California in 1962, before winning the White House in 1968.

So don’t assume Trump will disappear anytime soon. After all, it won’t be the first time his adversaries underestimated him.

Northcom COG Vs. Constitution

The Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt brings us a special report that goes behind the scenes to depict the Northcom Continuity of Government group and the war these bureaucrats are waging against the U.S. Constitution. The Dark Journalist outlines his own war against fellow journalists who have bought into the brainwashing and are pushing a New World Order.

Originally, the idea behind a New World Order was to end all wars. But now, it’s primarily a means by power-mad bureaucrats who want to beat back populism and free speech, whether it’s coming from the right or the left. This is a little over an hour-long program but well worth the listen. See how Jeane Dixon was either the most proficient astrologer of the 20th century or else people who knew — like Richard Nixon — told her what was coming!

The Swamp Accepts Corruption

When the dust settles on the 2020 Presidential election, The Swamp, aka the Deep State, will have no problem accepting the corruption that came along with it, especially if Joe Biden wins the White House.

It’s happened before, in the 1960 Presidential election, when Richard Nixon beat John F. Kennedy. The mob inserted itself into the fray and JFK escaped with the victory. “Kennedy lost,” says Bill O’Reilly. “That was never investigated, because the press loved JFK. And we never got to the bottom of it.” He details the mob’s shenanigans in his the most recent book in the “Killing Series,” Killing the Mob.

Fast forward to 2020 and O’Reilly fears the same outcome. He explains in this episode of The First.

Gold is King

When the dollar became the world currency after World War II, the United States was the world’s richest creditor nation. We had massive trade surpluses and we were the leader in manufactured goods. The dollar was not only backed by gold, but also convertible into gold. Then, says financial commentator and economist Peter Schiff, we exploited the situation and began spending like drunken sailors. With growing concerns over the stability of the dollar, other nations began converting dollar reserves into gold, forcing President Nixon to delink the dollar from gold to the floating exchange rates that exist today.

Fast forward to today and reckless spending has amassed a record deficit exceeding $20 trillion, a scenario that doesn’t bode well for the dollar. “We are going to go back on the gold standard eventually,” Schiff says. “It’s not going to be our decision, but the market’s decision.” He tells us why in this virtual interview with Patrick Bet-David on Valuetainment.

Obama Knew Of Flynn Spying

Newly unsealed documents show former President Barack Obama knew of the spying being done on Gen. Michael Flynn. He not only knew of the wiretapped Flynn phone calls, but he shared details from the calls in meetings attended by several members of his cabinet, including Vice President Joseph Biden.

The declassified documents further show the degree to which the FBI conspired to get Gen. Flynn. In other words, the Obama administration was as dirty as its gets, making Richard Nixon look like a kindergarten student by comparison.

Expect everything to turn spicier in the weeks and months ahead. Even if the mainstream media has no desire to report the truth — seeing as how it’s so unflattering to a Democratic administration — the press will have trouble staying silent and acting dumb much longer. More from Tim Pool.



We should have just voted for Hillary guys!!! Then this whole Iran thing wouldn’t be an issue!! She was a dove 🙂 More from FreedomToons.

Hillary was not only a war monger, but also a cheater, a liar and as corrupt as they come. Here, we start to get unarguable evidence that James Comey knew Hillary Clinton was guilty.

We look forward to seeing the full release of information in the case of whistleblower Nate Cain. He has collected hundreds of classified FBI investigation documents showing thousands of at least questionable – if not highly illegal — financial transactions received by the Clinton Foundation. In other words, alongside Hillary, Richard Nixon was just a garden-variety crook. She’s the equivalent of a hardened criminal.

The Downside of Diversity

It’s often said diversity is a strength. But in the United States, we are seeing the opposite. The states that are the most mixed ethnically, including California, Hawaii and New Mexico,  have become Democratic cesspools. California once gave us GOP leaders like Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, and now produces Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff — the dregs of Congress. Here, Tucker Carlson explores what’s happening and explains why it represents coming doom for the Republicans. Commentary offered by Vincent James of The Red Elephants.

The Crimes of U.S. Presidents

While history will paint President Richard Nixon as our most notorious post-World War II commander in chief for his Watergate exploits, he wasn’t the only one cutting corners. Noam Chomsky, the father of modern linguistics and historical scholar,  elaborates on some of the little-known crimes of post-war presidents, from Eisenhower to Bush II.

Are Democrats Repeating 1968?

It’s been more than 50 years now, but the 1968 election represented a true horror story for the Democrats. Hubert Humphrey won the party’s nomination for the Presidency, beating back a host of Leftist challengers, including Eugene McCarthy and Bobby Kennedy. After all the internecine bloodshed, the Republican, Richard Nixon, easily whipped Humphrey, winning 301 electoral votes to the Democrats’ 191 electoral votes.

Dick Morris sees signs the Democrats currently running for president could stage a repeat of that race, as banished Leftists whimper and whine, withholding support from a more moderate nominee, say, Joe Biden.

Pete Buttigieg illegally drinking in public, Kirsten Gillibrand bartending Pride Events, Beto running in a gay 5K: The 2020 Dems are totally cringeworthy in Iowa. If they continue to try to outdo each other’s foolishness, Donald Trump will have no problems in 2020. More from Jon Miller of The Blaze in his video — “Pander-Monium: Dems Descend on Iowa to Make a Mockery of Themselves.”

Another Democrat who can’t seem to break through the pack is California Rep. Eric Swalwell. Here, he’s trying some new punchlines to see if he can break through. None really work, except to draw the mockery of Mark Dice.

A Little Bit of Rich

Impressionist Rich Little relives a visit to the White House in the 1980s, when he inadvertently stepped in for President Reagan at a tense press conference regarding the Grenada invasion. Reagan, anxious to get some lunch and escape the frenzied press, saw Little approaching in the hallway and said, “Rich, you do me better than I do, so you finish this press conference.” Little, appearing on the “Mike Huckabee Show” on TBN, also shows off his impersonations of Richard Nixon, Donald Trump and Johnny Carson.

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