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They See in…We Can’t See Out!

Christian 21 uninterrupted interview! Hollywood fakes their deaths! Inter-Dimensional positives! Two lungs in 5D! Beings only age on Earth!

Positive spraying for humans, will kill Reptilians! The Dome is protecting their food source! They can see in but we can’t see out! Ted Bundy 7th Bloodline!

There are videos of their adrenochrome rituals! The sun can be used to spin gold! Nesara and Gesara are real! More from McAllister TV.

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3 thoughts on “They See in…We Can’t See Out!

  1. Juli Jo Peterson on said:

    Christian 21 can’t really be understood.

    • You’re right. We could follow some of what he said, but not all of it. Perhaps McAllister TV should add subtitles for videos where Christian 21 appears, or spend more time relaying and interpreting his information so we can follow what he is saying.

  2. JuliJo Peterson on said:

    You can never understand Christian 21.

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